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Create a High End Social Network Twitter Clone In PHP, MySQL

Video Introducing this tutorial

introduction :
Code Editors to Write Codes
Xampp installation
Directory Structure

Building Users Features :
Connecting to mysql database
Creating PHP Classes
Creating index page and forms
Creating mysql table for users
Creating method to login
Creating method display user into and logout
Validating signup form
Creating register method
Creating create method
Creating update method
Creating signup steps
Creating user profile page
Rewriting user profile url and creating method to check login
creating profile edit page to update users account
Creating method to upload images
Creating account page to update email and username
Creating password page to change password
Creating search method to search users

Creating Newsfeed (Tweet System) :
Create table for tweet
Creating method to post tweet
Displaying tweets in home page
Displaying hashtag mention in tweet form
Creating trends table
Displaying hashtag from database
Creating mehod search mention to display
Creating method to insert hashtag
Making tweets links clickable
Creating table for like feature
Creating like function using jquery
Creating method to like tweet
Displaying like unlike button with counter
Creating Method to Unlike Tweet
Creating method to display retweet popup
Creating jquery function send retweet ajax request
Creating method to retweet a tweet
Displaying retweets in home page
Creating method display tweet popup
Creating new table for comments
Displaying comments on tweets
Creating method post comments
Creating jquery function to display image popup
Creating delete method
Deleting comments
Deleting tweet
Displaying popup tweet form
Making popup form work
Displaying tweets and likes count
Creating time ago method
Displaying new tweets on scroll
Creating method to display users tweets in profile
Displaying users tweets in profile edit page
Restricting tweet buttons for profile tweets

Creating Follow Unfollow System :
Creating New Table For Follow system
Creating Method to Display Follow button
Displaying follow unfollow button using jquery
Creating Follow Method
Creating following and followers page
Displaying followers and following
Making Followers and Following button work
Creating who To Follow method
Display Following Users Tweets and Adding scripts to Files

Creating Messaging System :
Creating New Table for Messages
Creating new PHP Class for Messages
Creating Method to Display Recent Messages
Display Conversation List for User
Creating Method to Receive Messages
Sending messages
Making Search Box Work in Messages Popup
Deleting Messages From Chat

Creating Trends System :
Creating Trends Method to Display Trends
Creating Hashtag Page to Display Tweets
Displaying Trending Tweets
Displaying Users Accounts Related to Hashtatg
Displaying trend tweets images

Creating Notification System :
Creating new Table for Notification
Creating Method to Display Notification Counts
Fetching Notificaitons Counts
Updating Messages Count
Creating Notification Method
Displaying Notification Based on Type
Displaying Retweet & Menstion Notification
Updating Notification Counts
Creating Method To Send Notification
Displaying Notification and Messages Count
Creating Method To Prevent User to Access PHP Files

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