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Crack Irish Pronunciation

Video Introducing this tutorial

Start Your Irish Journey :
Introduction: Be Your Own Master
Concepts We'll Cover
Accept That It's Different
What to Call Irish Gaelic
Imagine You're in Ireland
Set Your Expectations Low

Irish Gaelic Vowels :
Video: These Five Letters Are Key
What Are The Vowels?
Is This a Vowel?
2 questions
Vowels By Example
Core Concept: Short and Long Vowels
Long and Short Vowels
2 questions
The "Fada" Accent Mark
Practice for Long Vowel Pronunciation
Consecutive Vowels

Irish Gaelic Consonants :
Video: The Rest of the Letters Are Affected By Vowels
What are the Consonants?
Are these consonants?
2 questions
How Do We Pronounce The Consonants?
Consonant Pronunciation Practice
More Consonant Pronunciation Practice
Slender "R": The Lost Sound?
Take a Step Back - Review So Far

Four-Step Pronunciation Method :
Video: Four-Step Pronunciation Method Introduction
Run Through the Four Steps (Download Cheat Sheets)
Steps 1 and 2
Group your letters!
2 questions
Step 3: Use the Cheat Sheets
Step 4 and Review: Glue It Together

Immersing Yourself in Irish Gaelic :
Video: Your Objective Is Daily Immersion
On With Your Irish Journey (Download Worksheets)
Pronunciation Resources
Immersion Resources