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Cost Accounting Labour Costing (Professional Course Level)

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Introduction :
Difference between Direct and Indirect Labour Cost

Labour Cost Control :
Labour Cost Control
Roles of Departments in Controlling Labour Cost
Factors Controlling Labour Cost
Collection of Labour Cost

Time Keeping :
Time Keeping
Traditional Methods of Time Keeping
Mechanical Time Keeping
Requisites of Good Time Keeping System

Time Booking :
Time Booking
Reconciliation Gate Card and Job Card
Objectives of Time Keeping
Payroll Procedure

Idle Time :
Idle Time

Overtime :
Overtime Premium
Effects of OT on Productivity
Steps for Controlling Overtime
Labour Turnover
Labour turnover due to new recruitment
Causes of Labour Turnover
Effects of Labour Turnover
Steps available for minimising labour turnover
Bonus Lecture - Discount Coupon Links for other Courses
10 pages