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Core Spark with Scala

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting started :
Spark and Scala introduction
Setup Spark on Mac

Architecture and Concepts :
Architecture Overview
Cluster Modes
Modules Overview
Documentation Overview
Concepts Overview

Setup Scala IDE for Eclipse :
Setup Eclipse with Maven
Develop simple java application
Setup Scala and sbt - Introduction
Setup and Validate scala
Run simple scala application
Setup sbt and run scala application
Setup Scala IDE for Eclipse - Introduction
Install Scala IDE for Eclipse
Run simple scala application using Scala IDE
Integrate sbt with Scala IDE for Eclipse
Develop Spark applications using Scala IDE - Introduction
Develop Spark applications using Scala IDE and sbt
Run Spark applications on cluster

Spark Context, Configuration and Externalizing Parameters :
Spark Configuration
Spark Context
Develop word count program
Externalizing Parameters

Develop Spark application using Scala :
Transformations and Actions - Overview
Understanding dataset and data model
Define problem statement - introduction
Define problem statement and design
Reading data from files - Introduction
Reading data for orders and order_items
Applying simple transformations - Introduction
Filter for completed orders - filter transformation
Extract required fields - map transformation
Generate revenue per order - reduceByKey transformation
Joining data sets - Introduction
Join orders and order_items
Compute average revenue - Introduction
Compute total revenue and total orders for each day - aggregateByKey
Compute average revenue
Sorting data by order_date - sortByKey
Save output to file system
Build and run the application - Introduction
Run application using Scala IDE
Build and run application on remote cluster