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Core Concepts in HTML 5

Getting Started :
Setting up the Environment - Notepad
Setting up the environment - Notepad++ (Plus Plus)
Designing your first web page Using HTML5 Markup
Tag Fundamentals
Checkpoint #1
15 questions

Basics of HTML 5 :
Nested Tags - Understanding how to close tags properly
Documenting Your Work - Using the Comment Tag
Setting up the Basic Document Structure Using HTML5 Markup
Files Supported in HTML 5
2 pages
Checkpoint #2
15 questions

Core Concepts in Text Formatting :
Creating Section Headings
Formatting Text as Bold, Italic & Underlined
Formatting Text as Superscript & Subscript
Other Text Formatting Tags
Inserting Special Characters and Page Divider
Checkpoint #3
15 questions

Other Core Concepts in HTML 5 :
Table Basics
Image Basics - Adding Graphics on Your Webpage
Hyperlink Basics
List Basics
Checkpoint #4
15 questions
Goodbye and What's Next