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Copywriting Secret Formula-Make High Converting Sales Letter

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Avoiding a strikeout :
2-Gain Your Reader's Interest
3-Secrets To Create Instant Desire
4-Make An Irresistible Call To Action
5-Powerful Call To Action Example
6-6 Fundamental Questions You Have To Know
7-Sales Page Tips

2-Pitching The Perfect Game :
1-Become Your Customer
2-know who you are writing your sales copy for
3-example of knowing who you're writing for
4-writing purposeful and effective copy
5-know everything about your audience
6-know the qst being asked by your target audience
7-know your product
8-put your self in the targeted audiences shoes
9-overcoming objections
10-researching your objection
11-Things To Help Overcome Objections
12-competitive analysis
13-things to research during your competitive analysis
14-where to research
15-listen to your customer complaints

3-Sales page construction :
1-Reasons Why People Sales Pages Sucks
2-Headline benefit
3-Your Most Powerful Benefit
4-extreme importance & power of a good sales copy
5-secrets to make your customer know why you are the go to person
6-The power of testimonial
7-The power of bonus offer
8-Secret Formula to justify Your price+How to make an irresistible Guarantee
9-call to action
10-risk free acceptance
12-footer infos

4-effectively use persuasion in your sales copy :
1-create Hyper-free messages
2-the human thought process
3-personal&emotional motivators
4-power of authority and expertise
5-Hot power words...words that sell
6-Power words examples
8-anger & jealousy
9-examples of anger & jealousy
10-creating scarcity & urgency
11-why using scarcity
12-use words and sentences that convey urgency
13-asking probing questions about the reader's education
14-building a yes frame mind
15-social proof

Top Copywriters Best Kept Secret :
Top Copywriters Best Kept Secret