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Continuous Integration and Deployment using Jenkins and AWS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
An Introduction - Learning path of this course
Overview of CI, CD and Jenkins

Installation and Configuration :
Download and Installation of Jenkins
Configuration of Jenkins
Configure your First Build Job
Running the build job for first time

Code Quality Analysis Using SonarQube :
Download and Installation of SonarQube
Overview of SonarQube

Working with Jenkins Plugins :
Configure Parameterized Builds
Integration of SonarQube in Jenkins - Part 1
Integration of SonarQube in Jenkins - Part 2
Track Status of Build Jobs using Delivery Pipeline Plugin
Basic and Advanced Email Notifications
Approval Process Automation using Promotion Plugin

Security and Monitoring :
Configure Basic Security in Jenkins
Role Based Authorization
Monitoring and Backup

Continuous Deployment on AWS using Jenkins :
Introduction to AWS Services
Setup Development Environment
Setup Deployment Environment
Setup Build Environment
Setup AWS CodePipeline

Conclusion :
Closing Remarks