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Content Marketing Masterclass: Create Content That Sells

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Classic Marketing Fundamentals :
What Is Marketing?
How Marketing Has (And Hasn't) Changed
Understanding The Cognitive Buying Journey (And Funnels!)
A Good Way To Visualize AIDA
A Word Of Warning
Glossary Of Marketing Terms

Content Marketing Essentials :
What Is Content Marketing, And How Does It Work?
Defining Your Goals
The Importance Of Storytelling: How To Tell Compelling Stories
How To Create Detailed Buyer Personas
Action Steps: Goals & Buyer Personas

Web Design :
Why Good Design Matters
The Importance Of Responsive Design
How Minimizing Your Design Can Maximize Your Results
Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages (And When)
Baking Social Proof Into Your Site
Planning For Edge Cases
Why I Recommend Using WordPress
Action Steps: Web Design

Generating Content Ideas :
The Importance Of Having A Reliable Ideation System
Creation Begins With Consumption
Conducting A "Brain Dump"
The #1 Tool For Content Research And Competitive Analysis
Questions Straight From Your Target Audience
Eavesdropping On Niche Communities
How Your Existing Audience And Content Can Help You Generate New Ideas
Action Steps: Generating Content Ideas

Copywriting :
The Importance Of Effective Writing
How To Write Perfect Headlines
Matching Your Audience's Tone And Vocabulary
Maintaining Focus With Your Content
How To Write A Call-To-Action
How Grammatical Errors Can Cripple Your Marketing Efforts
How To Become A Better Writer

Types Of Content :
Content Types Intro
How To Create Epic List Content
Teaching Your Audience With Tutorials
Two Approaches To Q&A Content
Interviews & Profiles
Combining A List With An Interview
How To Create Valuable Reviews And Comparisons
Working News Into Your Content Strategy
Creating Valuable Roundups And Resource Lists
Thought, Opinion, And Controversy
Stories As A Content Format
Statistics And Original Research
Presenting Complex Data For Visual Learners
How To Write A Case Study That Turns Readers Into Buyers
Action Steps: Types Of Content

Content Formats & Repurposing :
Content Formats
How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Fresh Content
Watch Me Turn One Video Interview Into More Than A Dozen Pieces Of Content
Action Steps: Content Formats & Repurposing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :
A Brief Introduction To SEO
Understanding Search Engines
Basic Site Setup For SEO
Titles And Meta Descriptions
Themes And Template Settings
How To Select The Right Keywords And Create High-Ranking Content On Any Topic
Does Keyword Density Matter?
Internal Links
Image Optimization
Action Steps: SEO

Content Promotion :
Why Promotion Is Important
Strategic Collaboration
The Formula For A Perfect Guest Post Pitch
A Simple Way To Get Leading Influencers To Share Your Content
Teasing Your Content On Social Media
How To Get Your Content Featured In Popular Resource Lists
Don't Neglect This Free Source Of On-Demand Traffic
How To Promote Your Content In Groups & Niche Communities (Without Being Spammy)
An Extremely Effective Way To Significantly Grow Your Audience Overnight

Email Marketing :
10 lectures
Why An Email List Is Essential For Your Marketing
How To Entice People To Opt In To Your List
Lead Magnet Ideas
Standard Opt-In Forms
High-Profile Opt-In Forms
How To Turn Commenters Into Subscribers
A Counterintuitive Strategy To Increase Your Conversion Rates
Using Social Proof To Grow Your Email List
Nurturing Your List: The Key To Maintaining Relationships Over Time
Action Steps: Email Marketing

External Marketing Channels :
7 lectures
External Channels Intro
Facebook Pages & Ads
The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel (For Leads)
Notes: The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel
Facebook Groups
Marketing On Twitter
Marketing On Instagram

Measuring Your Results :
3 lectures
The Importance Of Data
Which Data Should You Be Monitoring?
Moving Forward: What To Do With Your Data

Wrapping Up :
1 lecture
The Next Steps