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Content Creation Mastermind – Knowledge is a Business!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome and Course Overview :
Welcome and Course Overview
Content Creation Overview

How to Create Content and Edit :
How to Create Content
How to Edit a Video (Step-by-Step Walk Through)

Uploading Content to Udemy :
Udemy Platform Overview and Test Video
Uploading to Udemy and Setting Up Your Course
Uploading to Udemy and Setting Up Your Course Continued
How to Get Students

Uploading Content to Skillshare :
Why You Should Also Upload Courses to Skillshare
Uploading a Course to Skillshare

Uploading Content to YouTube :
Why You Should Start Putting Content on YouTube
How to Rank Videos and Video Upload Optimization

Putting Quality Content on Your Own Website :
Blog Overview (Why You Should Be Putting Your Content on a Blog)
How You Should Set Up Your Content Creation Website

Putting Quality Content on Instagram :
Why You Should Be Putting Content on Instagram

Adding Affiliate Links to Your Content and Course Wrap Up :
Why You Should Be Adding Affiliate Links and Where to Get Them
Extracting Affiliate Links for Beginners and Course Wrap Up

Extra Lectures :
The Process of Uploading Lectures to Udemy (Step-by-Step)
Bonus Lectures, Extras, and Discount Links

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