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Contango VXX – ETF Options Trading – Double Your Investment

Video Introducing this tutorial

Live Trade Update - 150% Return in 6 Months Period
22nd January 2017 - Trade Update
17th Mar 2017 - Trade Close

Introduction :
Promo Video
About Me
Shocking VXX Chart

Options 101 :
Take this Options 101 before you continue the rest of the course

About VXX :
History of VXX - Top 10 most traded ETF Contract
What exactly is VXX & VIX
Comparing - Reverse Split on VXX vs Normal Split on AAPL
7 years Chart of VXX - from 30,000 drop to 35
Comparing VIX vs VXX
VXX on Brexit day

Contango - Your ticket to Financial Freedom :
What is Contango & What is Backwardation
Layman Term Explained - What is Contango and What is Backwardation
Compare different month of VIX in the trading platform

The Plan to doubling your Return :
Entry Rule
Exit Rule
Double your Return

Bonus Section :
Other Contango ETF
What will you do if your know VXX will be going from 120,000 to 35