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Consulting Approach to Problem Solving

How is this course structured :
Administrative information

Introduction to structured problem solving :
Why structure problem solving at all?
Who is an expert?
Why use hypothesis based problem solving (HBPS)?
Steps of HBPS
HBPS basics
3 questions

Step I - Problem formulation :
Problem context
Doing it SMART
Problem formulation
3 questions

Step II - Problem structuring :
Divide and conquer
Issue trees and being MECE
Building a mindmap and issue tree
Problem structuring
3 questions

Step III - Work prioritization and planning :
Validating hypotheses - analysis and data requirements
Why prioritize?
How to prioritize? (without having to boil the ocean)
Prioritizing work
3 questions

Step IV - Communicating the solution :
Synthesize, don't summarize
Communicating the solution
3 questions

Wrap-up :
Consulting jargon dictionary
HBPS - guessing answers to client's problems?