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Consult & Profit

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro :
00.Getting Started
01. Welcome
02 - M1 - Money Mindset
03-M2-Consultant Mindset
04-M3-Intro to Consult & Profit and the 5 Ps
05-M4-Introduction Q&A
06-M5-Introduction Recap

Step 1 - Position :
01-Positioning Overview
02-Becoming the Guru at the Top of the Mountain
03-Finding Your Ideal Client
04-6-Figure Text Message
05-The Tech Side of Speaking
06-Position Q&A
07-Position Recap

Step 2 - Price :
01-How Much Should I Charge
02-6 Consulting Service Pricing Models + 1 Bonus Model
03-Price Q&A
04-Price Recap

Step 3 - Present :
01-Client Acquisition Processes
02-Communicating to Influence
03-Diagnosing the Problem and Providing the Cure
04-Present Q&A
05-Present Recap

Step 4 - Pitch :
01-Transition to the Close
02-Countering Objections and Closing
03-How to Pitch (and Close) Big Deals
04-Speak to Sell (Part 1)
05-Speak to Sell (Part 2)
06-Pitch Q&A
07-Pitch Recap

Step 5 - Produce :
01-Delivering a Great Service
02-Ongoing Deals and Lifetime Money
03-Produce Q&A
04-Produce Recap

Moduls Bonus :
02-Book Marketing Consultant
03-Digital Marketing Consultant
04-Webcast Marketing Consultant
05-Product Marketing Consultant
06-Strategic Advisor
07-Advanced Webcast Marketing Consultant

Bonus :
2 In 10 Out - Put Two Hours In, Get 10 Customers
01. Intro
02. Module 1
03. Module 2
04. Module 3

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