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Confidence On Camera

1. Introduction
2. Who Are We
3. Course Overview
4. The Importance of Planning and Preparation
5. Take Action
1. Why Learn to Communicate On Camera
2. What Makes a Good Presenter
3. Can you Learn to Be a Good Presenter
4. Do You Need to be Good Looking for the Camera
5. Our 5 Master Principles
1. Acknowledge Your Fears
2. Flip Your Fears
3. Focus on the Positives of You
4. Focus on the positives of Video
5. Don't Focus on You
1. Calming your Nerves
2. You're the Expert
3. Don't Get Discouraged by Mistakes
4. Relaxation Techniques
1. Begin with Your Target Audience
2. What's Your Message
3. Your Core Concept or Controlling Idea
4. To Script or Not to Script
5. Smart and Sensible Structure
6. Touch Their Hearts
7. The Importance of Stories
8. Some Scripting Tips
1. Where Should I be Looking
2. Treat the Lens as a Person
3. Your On-Camera Look
4. Your Studio or Set
5. Principles of Lighting
6. Principles of Audio
7. How to Frame Yourself
1. Does your accent matter
2. Celebrate Your Accent
3. How to Speak Clearly with an Accent
4. Improving your Pronunciation
5. Captions and Visual aids
1. Congratulations