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CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM: Develop Confident Body Language

Introduction :
Introduction & How To Make The Most of This Course
Who is Jimmy Naraine?
Why Body Language is So Important?
Introduce Yourself
BONUS Video - How To Feel More COMFORTABLE in Your Body When You Are Stressed

Your Position and Posture :
The Foundation of Looking and Feeling Confident - Posture
How To Double Your Confidence in Seconds?
I Appreciate Your Feedback
Eye Contact Introduction
Eye Contact - Simple Trick To Feel Very Comfortable in Seconds
Eye Contact - How To Handle a Group of People like a True Leader
Eye Contact - My Challenge For You :)

Other Tools & Tips :
Don't Reinvent The Wheel
How To Be a Better Listener
HANDSHAKE: The Difference Between Being Confident, Weak and Arrogant
How To Use Mirroring Principle to Instantly Connect with People
What About Fashion?
The Power of Smile
Crazy Trick for Increasing Your Level of Energy
Thank You!