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Concept Painting in Photoshop

Video Introducing this tutorial

Get your hands on Henrik’s collection of custom brushes! They will help you get a nice painted feel and generally make all your digital painting more comfortable. The brushes will make it easier to follow along in the tutorial and to improve your own work.

Learn the very basics of how to start producing gorgeous concept art. We demystify what makes a great piece and how to repeat your success time and time again. We are including Henrik’s very own ‘List of Death’, along with concepts such as successfully leading the eye.

Getting the lighting to feel right is incredibly hard. Henrik shows you a way to get comfortable with complex lighting setups in no time. No more will your paintings feel ambiguous and dull! Once the grey-scale lighting has been established, you’ll learn how to turn it into vibrant colors.

01 - Workflow
02 - List of Death
03 - Lazy Nezumi Pro
04 - Brushes
05-1 - Composition Theory
05-2 - Composition
06 - Lighting
07 - Color
08 - All Goes Off The Rails