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Concept Art Essentials | Digital Painting From Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Curriculum Overview
My Learning Approach

Creating Custom Brushes I :
Lets get started!
Tree Texture File
About Customizing Brushes
Importing the Texture
Preparing the Texture
Making a Selection
Refining the Selection
Creating the Brush
Customizing the Brush
Saving the Brush

Creating Custom Brushes II :
Preparing the Sample
Understanding the Sampling Process
Creating the Brush
Customizing the Brush
Advanced Brush Settings
Saving the Brush
Download Kemane's Brush Set

My First Speed-Painting I :
Debunking Speedpainting

My First Speed-Painting II :
The Gradient Method
Locked Layer Method
Large Brush Method
Quick Select Method
Lasso Select Method
Black & White Method

Take your time! :
easy does it!

My First Speed-Painting III :
Selecting a Sketch
Refining the Sketch

My First Speed-Painting IV :
Coloring the Sketch
Paint Color Accents
Composition & Perspective

My First Speed-Painting V :
Foreground Details

My First Speed-Painting VI :
Adding Details I
Adding Details II
Mirroring Image & Spotting Flaws
My First Speed-Painting VII
1 lecture
Final Details & Perspective Adjustments
My First Speed-Painting VIII
1 lecture