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Computing Fundamentals

Course Introduction :
Course Introduction
Instructor Introduction

Module 01 - Operating System Fundamentals :
Operating System Fundamentals
Lesson 1: What is an Operating System?
How Applications and Hardware Work with an OS
The Old Days of the CLI
What the Modern OS Supplied
Demo - Navigating a Modern App
Demo - Working with Multiple Apps
Common OS Features
Demo - Working with Windows
Directory Infrastructure
Demo - Managing Files and Folders
Drivers and Hardware
Common Interface
Common Interface (cont.)
Demo - Signing In to Windows 8 and Managing Tiles
Demo - Using the Account ID Menu
Demo - Viewing the Charms
Demo - Working with Files and Folders
Demo - Navigating the Desktop
Directory Infrastructure
Updates and Patches
Demo - Control Panel
Lesson 2: Configuring the Operating System
Visual Options
The Background
Demo - Desktop Background
Demo - Working with the Elements of a Desktop Window
Lesson 3: What is an Application?
Working with the Operating System
Working with the Software
Lesson 4: Using Control Panel
Demo - Adding/Removing Software
Visual Devices
Module 01 Review
Review Questions
6 questions

Module 02 - Computer and Network Terminology :
Computer and Network Terminology
Lesson 1: Hardware and Peripherals
Hardware and Peripherals
Lesson 2: Storage
Demo - Hardware
Storage Devices
How a Hard Drive Works
Demo - Storage
Lesson 3: Connectivity Devices
Server Types
Lesson 4: Network Components
Demo - Network Settings
Module 02 Review
Review Questions
5 questions

Module 03 - Working with Software and the OS :
Working with Software and the OS
Lesson 1: Software and Concepts
Managing Software
Software (cont.)
Demo - Changing Windows Defender Settings
Lesson 2: Licensing
Types of Software Licenses
Demo - Licenses
Lesson 3: Using Software
Hardware Limitations
Content and Entertainment
Working with Media
Demo - Applications
Lesson 4: Software Tools
Database vs. Spreadsheet
Demo - Database vs. Spreadsheet
File Compression
Demo - File Compression
Disk Management
Malware Detection
Module 03 Review
Review Questions
5 questions

Module 04 - Troubleshooting :
Lesson 1: Software
Removing Malware
Safe Mode
Knowledge Base
Demo - Getting Help
Task and Process Management
Demo - Task Manager
Lesson 2: Hardware, Devices, and Peripherals
Cables and Connections
Devices and Peripherals
Lesson 3: Backup and Restore
Demo - Backups
Module 04 Review
Review Questions
5 questions
Course Closure

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