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Udemy Computer Vision using OpenCV

Video Introducing this tutorial

About the Program :
Course Introduction
Course Outline

Introduction to OpenCV :
What is Computer Vision?
Applications of Computer Vision
Difference Between Computer Vision & DIP
Tools for Computer Vision
Quiz - OpenCV

Software Installation :
Installing Anaconda Distribution
Handling Jupyter Notebooks 1
Handling Jupyter Notebooks 2
Handling Jupyter Notebooks 3
Handling Jupyter Notebooks 4
Handling Jupyter Notebooks 5
Installation of Computer Vision

Python Crash Course :
What is Python?
Why Python Programming?
Application of Python
Data Types in Python
Loops - While (Jupyter)
Creating Functions in Python (Jupyter)
Conditional Statements - If Else (Jupyter)
Quiz - Installation & Python

Fundamentals of OpenCV :
Fundamentals of Image Processing
Reading Images
Video Loading
Changing Color Spaces
Changing Color Spaces (Jupyter)
Pixel Manipulation
Pixel Manipulation - Initial Setup (Jupyter)
Pixel Manipulation - Operation 1 (Jupyter)
Pixel Manipulation - Operation 2 (Jupyter)
Region of Interest
Region of Interest (Jupyter)
Quiz - Fundamentals of OpenCV

Image Processing - Image Manipulation :
What is Image Resizing?
Image Resizing (Jupyter)
What is Image Blurring?
Image Blurring (Jupyter)
What is Image Pyramid?
Image Pyramid (Jupyter)
Image Manipulation

Image Processing - Arithmetic Operation :
What is Arithmetic Operation?
What is Image Blending?
Image Blending (Jupyter)
What is Image Subtraction?
Image Subtraction (Jupyter)
What is Bitwise Operation?
Bitwise Operation (Jupyter)
Arithmetic Operation

Image Processing - Geometric Operation :
What is Image Translation?
Image Translation (Jupyter)
What is Image Rotation?
Image Rotation (Jupyter)
What is Affine Transformation?
Affine Transformation (Jupyter)
What is Perspective Transformation?
Perspective Transformation (Jupyter)
Geometric Operation

Image Enhancement :
What is Image Enhancement?
What is Negative Transformation?
Negative Transformation(Jupyter)
What is Log Transformation?
Log Transformation (Jupyter)
What is Power Law Transformation?
Power Law Transformation (Jupyter)
Image Enhancement

Image Segmentation :
What is Image Segmentation?
Understanding Cluster based Segmentation
Image Segmentation (Jupyter)

Feature Extraction :
Template Matching
Template Matching (Jupyter)
What is Feature Matching?
Understanding HOG
Feature Matching - Using HOG (Jupyter)
Image Segmentation and Feature Matching

Filtering & Detection :
Simple Thresholding
Simple Thresholding (Jupyter)
Adaptive Thresholding
Adaptive Thresholding (Jupyter)
What is noise in an image?
Morphological Transformations
Morphological Transformations - Initial Setup (Jupyter)
Understanding Erosion and Dilation
Morphological Transformations - Erosion & Dilation (Jupyter)
Understanding Morphological Techniques
Morphological Transformations - Opening & Closing (Jupyter)
Sobel Filters - Using Gradients
Sobel filter - Using Gradients (Jupyter)
Laplacian Filter - Using Gradients
Laplacian Filter - Using Gradients (Jupyter)
Edge Detection
Edge Detection (Jupyter)
Filtering & Detection

Project - Cartoonify :
Cartoonify (Jupyter)

Motion Detection :
What is Motion Detection?
Understanding Sparse Optical Flow
Sparse Optical Flow (Jupyter)
Understanding Dense Optical Flow
Dense Optical Flow (Jupyter)
Motion Detection

Course Conclusion :
Course Conclusion
Thanks and Credit Note (Not for Learners)