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Computational Thinking In Python

Introductions and Setting up :
A Bit About Me
How to do this course (IMPORTANT!)
Installing Python

Module 1: Mathematics Challenges :
Algebra Problems Challenge
Algebra Problems Soluton
Squares and Square roots Calculator Challenge
Squares and Square roots Calculator Solution
Squares and Square Roots Calculator (Student Solution)
Squares and Square Roots Advanced Solution
Factorization Challenge
Factorization Solution
Factorisation Advanced Solution
Prime Number Generator Challenge
Prime Number Generator Solution
Prime Number Optimization Challenge
Prime Number Optimization Solution 1
Prime Number Optimisation Student Solution
Armstrong Numbers Generator Challenge
Armstrong Number Generator Solution

Text Based User Interface Challenges :
The Pyramid Function Challenge
The Pyramid Funcation Solution
The Window Functon Challenge
The Window Function Solution

Turtle Graphics Challenges :
Introduction to Turtle
Geometric Shapes Challenge
Geometric Shapes Solution
Polygon Function Challenge
Polygon Function Solution
Starlit Sky Challenge
Starlit Sky Solution Basic
Starlit Sky Solution Advanced
Cloudy Sky Challenge
Cloudy Sky Solution Basic
Cloudy Sky Solution Advanced

Text Analysis Challenges :
e Counter Challenge
e Counter Solution
Word Counting / Text Formatting Challenge
Word Counting / Text Formatting Solution
Seeking Capitalization Mistakes Challenge
Seeking Capitalization Mistakes Solution
Word Ranking Challenge
Word Ranking Solution

Recursion Challenges :
Recursion Introduction
Recursive Spiral Challenge
Recursive Spiral Solution
Koch Fractal Challenge
Koch Fractal Solution
Koch Snowflake Challenge
Koch Snowflake Solution