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CompTIA Pentest+ (Ethical Hacking) Course & Practice Exam

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to the course!
Exam Foundations
An Important Message About the Course

Domain 1: Planning and Scoping :
Planning and Scoping (Overview)
Penetration Testing Methodology
Planning a Penetration Test
Rules of Engagement
Legal Concepts
Testing Strategies
White Box Support Resources
Types of Assessments
Threat Actors
Target Selection
Other Scoping Considerations
Domain 1 Quiz
10 questions

Domain 2: Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification :
Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification (Overview)
Information Gathering
Reconnaissance with CentralOps (Demo)
Scanning and Enumeration
Scanning and Enumeration (Demo)
Cryptographic Inspection
Decompiling and Debugging
Open Source Research
Vulnerability Scanning
Scanning Considerations
Application and Container Scans
Analyzing Vulnerability Scans
Leverage Information for Exploit
Common Attack Vectors
Weaknesses in Specialized Systems
Domain 2 Quiz
10 questions

Domain 3: Attacks and Exploits :
Attacks and Exploits (Overview)
Social Engineering
Motivation Factors
Physical Security Attacks
Lock Picking (Demo)
Network-based Vulnerabilities
Wireless-based Vulnerabilities
Wireless Network Attack (Demo)
Application-based Vulnerabilities
Local Host Vulnerabilities
Privilege Escalation (Linux)
Privilege Escalation (Windows)
Privilege Escalation
Privilege Escalation (Demo)
Lateral Movement
Covering Your Tracks
Persistence and Covering Tracks (Demo)
Domain 3 Quiz
10 questions

Domain 4: Penetration Testing Tools :
Penetration Testing Tools (Overview)
Nmap Usage
Nmap Usage (Demo)
Use Cases for Tools
Credential Testing Tools
Password Cracking (Demo)
Software Assurance
Web Proxies
Social Engineering Tools
Remote Access Tools
Networking Tools
Mobile Tools
Miscellaneous Tools
Intro to Programming
Programming Concepts
BASH Script Example
Python Script Example
PowerShell Script Example
Ruby Script Example
Domain 4 Quiz
10 questions

Domain 5: Reporting and Communication :
Reporting and Communication (Overview)
Pentest Communications
Report Writing
Mitigation Strategies
Post-Report Activities
Pentest Report Example
Domain 5 Quiz
10 questions

Conclusion :
How to Schedule Your Exam
Creating Your Pentest Lab
BONUS: Congratulations on Completing the Course!

PENTEST+ (PT0-001) Practice Exam :
Pentest+ (PT0-001) Practice Exam