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Udemy Comprehensive Data visualization with Matplotlib in Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Get to know about the course and Instructor :
About this course - Introduction
Course Layout

Matplotlib introduction, Dependency and knowing Jupyter Notebook :
Introduction to Matplotlib
Installing Matplotlib and dependencies
Setting up - Jupyter Notebook (IDE)

Getting started with basic of Matplotlib :
Getting started with basics of Matplotlib
Introduction to pyplot
Adding Labels to the plot
Formatting plot style
Specifying axis in plot
Adding and customizing markers in the Plot
Adding Titles and Legends to a plot
Basic of Matplotlib
Matplotlib basics

Scatter Plot and categorical plotting in Matplotlib :
General intro - Scatter plot and Categorical plot
Scatter plot in Matplotlib
Categorical data plotting in Matplotlib
Line and SETP method
Generating Interactive plots in Matplotlib
Creating user defined controllers
Scatter Plot and categorical plotting

Figure and Subplot in Matplotlib :
Intro to Figures and Plots
Concept of Figure and Subplot in Matplotlib
Plotting multiple figure and plots
Applying Grids to the plot

More Plots in Matplotlib :
Discussion on few plot types
Histograms in Matplotlib
Bar charts in Matplotlib
Pie Charts in Matplotlib
Stack plots in Matplotlib
Various plots in Matplotlib

Nonlinear plotting in Matplotlib :
Logarithmic plotting in Matplotlib
Symlog and logit plot in Matplotlib
Polar plot in Matplotlib

Working with Time-series data in Matplotlib :
Analyzing Currency conversion data from yahoo Finance

3D Plotting and visualization in Matplotlib :
Generate and Visualize 3D surface plots in Matplotlib
Working with Audio data in Matplotlib
Analyzing audio data and visualizing them using Matplotlib

Working with images in Matplotlib :
Working with Images - Reading, Pseudo-coloring and applying various color-map

Saving plots in Matplotlib :
Save generated plot in PNG and PDF format