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Udemy Complex Numbers for Electrical Engineering Students

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Complex Numbers Course Introduction

Background Knowledge (Math Catch-up) :
Real Number Axis
Imaginary Axis & Complex Plain
Vectors & Imaginary Unit "j"
Angles: Radians vs Degrees, Engineering Range

Complex Numbers :
What are Complex Numbers?
Complex Numbers Exercises
Rectangular Form
Polar Form
Converting Polar to Rectangular
P to R Conversion Examples & Exercises
Converting Rectangular to Polar (old)

Operations with Complex Numbers :
Addition and Subtraction
Complex Conjugate
Negative of a Complex Number

Application of Complex Numbers in Electrical Engineering :
Phasors: Voltages and Currents
Complex Power

AC Circuits Derivations with Complex Numbers :
Series AC Circuit - Voltage, Current and Power
Parallel AC Circuit - Voltage, Current and Power
Series RL AC Circuit Tutorial
Parallel RC AC Circuit Tutorial
Mixed RLC AC Circuit Tutorial
Two Sources AC Circuit Tutorial