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Udemy Complete VMWare vSphere ESXi and vCenter Administration

Video Introducing this tutorial

Module 1 Introduction :
Syllabus Overview
Download Syllabus
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Module 2: Understanding Virtualization :
Welcome to Module 2
What is Virtualization?
How Virtualization Works?
Basic Virtualization Terms
Benefits of Virtualization
Virtualization Technology Companies
Difference Between Virtualization and Cloud
Module 2: Quiz
Module 2 - Handouts
Module 2 - Homework

Module 3: Introduction to VMWare :
Welcome to Module 3
What is VMWare?
VMWare Products (Player, ESXi, vSphere, etc.)
Importance of VMWare
Module 3: Quiz
Module 3: Handouts
Module 3: Homework

Module 4 - Download, Install and Configure VMWare (Lab Setup) :
Welcome to Module 4
Lab Design
VMWare Online Lab - Virtualization 101
Download and Install VMWare Player
First VM on VMWare Player (Linux)
Download and Install ESXi Server (Hypervisor)
Configure ESXi Server
Connect to ESXi and Explore vSphere Dashboard
Module 4 - Quiz
Module 4 - Handouts
Module 4 - Homework

Module 5 - VMWare on a Single ESXi :
Welcome to Module 5
First VM on ESXi
Install Linux OS
VM Management
Update ESXi hostname
Install Windows on a VM
Install VMWare Tools
Review VMs and Modify Resources
VM Snapshots
Module 5 - Quiz
Module 5 - Handouts
Module 5 - Homework

Module 6 - vCenter Installation and Configuration :
Welcome to Module 6
Install 2nd ESXi Server
What is vCenter?
Downloading vCenter and Installation Options (Win32 UI or OVA)
Install vCenter
Accessing vCenter (Flash/HTML, SSH, Console, Admin Portal)
vCenter Management Interface
Create a Datacenter and Add ESXi Servers
Managing hosts on vCenter
Module 6 - Quiz
Module 6 - Handouts
Module 6 - Homework

Module 7 - vCenter Management :
Welcome to Module 7
vCenter Homepage
Getting Started and Summary
Configure, Permissions and Datacenters (Menu)
Hosts & Clusters and VMs
Other Menu Options
Module 7 - Quiz
Module 7 - Handouts
Module 7 - Homework

Module 8 - Sharing Resources and vCenter Clustering :
Welcome to Module 8
Migrating VM without VMWare cluster (Cold)
VMWare Cluster
High Availability - (Introduction)
High Availability - Part 1 (Linux Installation)
High Availability - Part 2 (Setup NFS)
High Availability - Part 3 (Mount NFS and Migrate VMs)
High Availability - Part 4 (Setup Cluster and Configure HA)
Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
Sequence of Starting and Shutting VMWare vSphere Environment
Datastore cluster
Module 8 - Quiz
Module 8 - Handouts
Module 8 - Homework

Module 9 - VM Management on vCenter :
Welcome to Module 9
VM Cloning
VM Templates
VM Export and Import (OVF)
Organizing VMs
Other Menu Options for VM
Fault Tolerance
Accessing vCenter through HTML5
Module 9 - Quiz
Module 9 - Handouts
Module 9 - Homework

Module 10 - ESXi CLI and Other VMWare Products :
Welcome to Module 10
ESXi Command Line (CLI)
VMWare vCenter Converter
VMWare vRealize Operations
VMWare vRealize Automation
VMWare Horizon
VMWare Community and Resources
Don't Give Up!

Additional Resources :
Re-cap of Virtualization
What is IT?
IT Components
Facts about IT
What is VirtualBox?
Downloading and Installing Virtualbox
Step by Steps Linux CentOS7 Installation
Step by Steps Linux CentOS8 Installation
Download and Install Putty