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Complete Time Series Analysis With Python

Introduction to the Course :
Welcome to Time Series Analysis with Python
Data and Scripts Used in the Course
Introduction to the Python Data Science Environment
Installation Instructions For Mac

Read in Data From External Data Sources :
Introduction to Pandas
Read in CSV Data
Read in Excel Data
Read in HTML Data
Read in JSON Data

Preprocessing & Visualising Time Series Data in Python :
Some Date Specific Python Functions
An Example of Time Series Data in Python
More Details on Datetime
Basic Operations on Time Series Data
Theory Behind Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Principles of Data Visualization
Prep Up the Time Series Data
Line Charts For Examining Temporal Data
Multiple Lines in the Same Chart
Aggregating & Visualising Data Summary
Using Multiple Line Plots For Discerning Specific Information
Plot the Temporal Variations of Two Entities

Characteristics & Conditions of Time Series Data :
Moving Average (MA) Forecast Example
Classical Time Series Data
Different Components of Time Series Data
Seasonal Part of Time Series
Of Multiplicative and Additive Seasonality
Testing for Stationarity: ADF Test
Make Time Series Stationary: Take Log
First Order Differencing to Make Time Series Stationary
Log Based Differencing
Linear Regression For Detrending

Basic Time Series Forecasting :
Rolling Mean For Detecting Temporal Variation
Simple Exponential Smoothing (SES)
Holt extended simple exponential smoothing
Holt Winters
Auto Regression Model (AR): Consider Previous Time Steps
Implement a Basic ARIMA Model
Automated ARIMA & Account for Seasonality (SARIMA)

Machine Learning For Time Series :
Random Forest For Identifying Important Time Periods
"Prophetic" Time Series Forecasting
Using Prophet For Predicting Values for a Future Time Frame

Use Deep Learning For Time Series Data :
What is Keras?
Install Keras on Windows
Install Keras on Mac
Theory Behind ANN and DNN
MLP For Time Series
Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
LSTM For Time Series Data
LSTM For Predicting Stock Prices