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Complete Subscription Newsletter Business

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Subscription Newsletter Business Overview :
Overview: from $300 - $30,000/month, recurring revenue on the side or full-time.
How I got started in this business.

Coming up with a Sellable Newsletter Topic :
Spinning and sharpening your topic to be more sellable.
Ways to find a topic if you don't already have one.
3 validation filters to determine if it will sell...before putting in more work.
Pricing your newsletters.

Writing & Designing Your Newsletters :
Should you create a print or email newsletter?
Newsletter design guidelines.
How long should your newsletters be and why?
How to write about a topic like an expert...when you're not an expert.
How to get fantastic, salable content!

Creating a Sales Page :
How long should your sales page be?
What kind of content must be in a newsletter sales page?
Does it need a video & how should your sales page look?
Where can you get help and see plenty of examples of sales pages?

Setting Up the Back-End of Your Newsletter System :
2 minute overview of online payment, just what you need to know.
Using SendOwl as a payment portal.
Setting up workflow automations to deliver newsletters automatically.

Start-Up Marketing for Your Newsletter Business :
Free marketing directly to your sales page.
Using pseudo-joint ventures when you don't have a list to trade.

Manage Your Newsletter Business :
Managing churn and keeping subscribers longer.
Using SOPs to manage your business details and outsource.

Growing Revenue Behond Subscription Sales :
Increasing revenue from ads and referrals.
Increasing revenue from affiliate, personal, and add-on products.

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