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Complete STATA Workflow + Tips

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
A foreword and initial tips
What is STATA?
Installing STATA
Opening STATA and its windows
STATA syntaxis
STATA commands and do-file
Best friend: help command
More help - Navigating Stata Documentation
Mid-Section Quiz
4 questions
Commands and abbreviation
One more initial tip
Our Action Plan
Final-Section Quiz
3 questions

Input, Output and related file commands :
Initial tips
Open and clear a database
Automatic memory allocation
Compress databases
"Do" a do-file
Change working directory
Import databases
Export Databases
Example Databases
Recent databases and Exit
Final-Section Quiz
5 questions

Preferences and Edit options :
Copy, options and more
Preferences and Edit options
More Preferences and Edit options
More Preferences and Edit options 2

Dataset Management :
Initial tips
Describe, codebook, inspect and summarize commands
Quick Exercise 1
View, edit and label a database
List data and if statement
Quick Exercise 2
Append datasets
Quick Exercise 3
Merge datasets
Quick Exercise 4
More about merge datasets
Mid-Section Quiz
6 questions
Convert dataset long-wide
Transpose a dataset
Compare two datasets
Contract command
Collapse command
Final-Section Quiz
3 questions

Variables Management - Part 1 :
Initial tips
Set observations, create, replace and order variables
Quick Exercise 5
Work with variable labels
Rename and drop/keep variables
Quick Exercise 6
Sort variables
Quick Exercise 7
Mid-Section Quiz
6 questions
If conditions and count command
Quick Exercise 8
Basic Operators
Comparison and Logical Operators
Quick Exercise 9
Lagged and Forward variables
Quick Exercise 10
Lagged, Forward and Seasonal variables
Lagged, Forward, Seasonal and Differences variables
Quick Exercise 11
Final-Section Quiz
4 questions

Variables Management - Part 2 :
Initial tips
Display expressions and stored results
Quick Exercise 12
Working with date variables
More about working with date variables
Indicator variables and interaction expansions
Quick Exercise 13
More about indicator variables and interaction expansions
Mid-Section Quiz
4 questions
Fill in missing values
Frequency weights
Sampling weights
Quick Exercise 14
More about "if" command and also "by" together
Destring and Tostring commands
Real command (similar to destring)
Quick Exercise 15
Final-Section Quiz
4 questions

Milestone Project 1 :
Initial Tips
Data Analysis 1
Data Analysis 2
Data Analysis 3
Data Analysis 4

Graphs :
Initial tips
Quick Graphs 1 (Scatter)
Quick Graphs 2 (Line)
Combining Graphs
Quick Graphs 3 (Scatterplot Matrix)
Quick Graphs 4 (Histogram)
Quick Graphs 5 (Bars)
Graphs schemes and colors
Quick Graphs 6 (Connected)
Quick Graphs 7 (Area)
Overlay Graphs
Final-Section Quiz
4 questions

Descriptive Statistics :
Initial tips
Summarize, mean and means
Tabulate data
More about tabulate data
More about tabulate data 2
Mid-Section Quiz
3 questions
Correlations and covariances
Confidence Intervals
More about Confidence Intervals
Final-Section Quiz
3 questions

Stata Functions - Part 1 :
Initial Tips
Math functions
More about Math functions
More about Math functions 2
Math functions Quiz
4 questions
String (text) functions
More about String (text) functions
More about String (text) functions 2
More about String (text) functions 3
More about String (text) functions 4
String functions Quiz
5 questions

Stata Functions - Part 2 :
Initial tips
Random numbers functions
More about Random numbers functions
More about Random numbers functions 2
Random numbers functions Quiz
3 questions
Extended-Variable functions
More about Extended-Variable functions
More about Extended-Variable functions 2
More about Extended-Variable functions 3
More about Extended-Variable functions 4
More about Extended-Variable functions 5
Extended-Variable functions Quiz
3 questions

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