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Complete Rigging Course: Moho & Anime Studio

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Overview :
Course Intro
Downloadable Content

Using The Bone Tools Effectively (Beginner) :
What is a bone?
Add Bone | Pin Bone Tool (Moho 12)
Bone Strength Tool
Select and Reparent Bone Tool
Offset Bone Tool
Sketch Bones Tool (Anime Studio Pro 11.2 - Moho Pro 12)
Transform Bone Tool
Manipulate Bone Tool

Bone Binding in Moho/ Anime Studio (Beginner/ Intermediate) :
Layer Binding
Flexible-Binding (Anime Studio Pro 9.5 - Moho Pro 12)
Point Binding

Understanding Anime Studio/ Moho Bone Structuring System :
Inverse Kinematics
Forward Kinematics
Parent to Child Relationship

Bone Constraints (Pro Only) (Intermediate) :
Angle Constraint
Target Bones (Anime Studio Pro 10 - Moho Pro 12)
Independent Angle (Anime Studio Pro 10 - Moho Pro 12)
Maximum IK Stretching (Anime Studio 10 - Moho 12)
Ignore Inverse Kinematics (Moho Pro 12)
Arc Ik Solver (Anime Studio 10 - Moho 12)
Squash and Stretch Scaling (Anime Studio Pro 10 - Moho Pro 12)
Bone Dynamics Pt. 1
Bone Dynamics Pt. 2
Angle/ Position/ Scale Control Bone

Bone Menu (Intermediate) :
Release Points
Flexi-Bind Points
Release Layer
Flexi-Bind Layer
Create Smooth Joint for Bone Pair (Anime Studio Pro 10 - Moho Pro 12)
Use All Bones for Flexi-Binding
Reset All Bone Rigging
Hide & Show Shy Bones (Anime Studio Pro 10 - Moho Pro 12)
Smart Bone Dial (Anime Studio Pro 11 - Moho Pro 12)

Smart Bone/ Actions (Pro Only) (Advanced) :
Smart Bone Actions (Pro Only)
Make Smart Bone Dial (Pro Only)

Smart Warp (Moho Pro 12 Only) (Advanced) :
What is Smart Warp?
How to set up your Smart Warp properly
Animate Smart Warp Action
Finishing up your Smart Warp Action
Shape ordering for proper Smart Warp Action
BONUS LECTURE: 2.5D Effect with Smart Warps
Bonus Lecture: Smart Bones + Smart Warp = Awesomeness

Advanced Bitmap Rigging (step by step) :
Import from Photoshop to Moho/ Anime Studio
Add Bones
Apply the Flexi Bind Method
Testing & Tweaking
Add Smart Bones + Smart Warp
Setting up your mesh
Triangulate and Bind mesh
Creating the body turn (Trial & Error)
Creating the body turn (End result)
Body turn (opposite direction)

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