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Udemy Complete React Bootcamp (Advanced) Build 6 Hands-On-Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Introduction
Helloworld App in React
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ES6 Brush Up :
Let Keyword
Const Keyword
Arrow Functions
For Of loop
Template Literals
Spread Operator

Hooks :
What are React Hooks
What is useState Hook
What is useEffect Hook
CSS Manipulation with Hooks

React Forms with Hooks :
Getting Input Values with Hooks
Submitting form with Hooks

Project -1 :
Authentication - Part1
Authentication - Part2
Authentication - Part3

Project -2 :
Todo List Part-1
Todo List Part-2

Routing :
What is React Router
Implementing React Router

Maps and Conditional Rendering :
What is a Map
Implementing Map
Return HTML Using Maps
Conditional Rendering in React
Local Storage (Optional)
Local Storage with Strings
Local Storage with Arrays and Objects

Project -3 :
Facebook - Part1
Facebook - Part3
Facebook - Part4

Context API :
Introduction To Context API
Implementing Context API
Manipulating Components using Context API

Project 4 :
Movies App Part-1
Movies App Part-2

REST API / HTTP Methods :
Fetch Method
Axios Method
Return HTML content from REST API
Meals App Part-1
Meals App Part-2

Node JS Connection :
Node Intro
Hello World in Node JS
Installing Express Framework
Getting data from NODE
Sending Data to NODE Part-1
Sending Data to NODE Part-2