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Complete Production Course

Gear & Tone :
Bring It On Home :
Main Riff, Verse & Outro

Heartbreaker :
First Solo
Pre Solo Riff & Second Solo
Rhythm Parts
Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)

Moby Dick :
Part One
Part Two

Ramble On :
1st & 2nd Solos
Rhythm Parts

Thank You :
Rhythm Parts

The Lemon Song :
Rhythm Parts

What Is And What Should Never Be :
Rhythm Parts
Solo & Outro
Whole Lotta Love
Whole Lotta Love
01 piero modeling intro
02 piero modeling begin-form-sculpting
03 piero modeling finish-form-sculpting
04 piero modeling start-retopology
05 piero modeling finish-retopology
06 piero modeling cleaning-the-body-mesh
07 piero modeling adding-major-feathers
08 piero modeling helpful-shapekeys
09 piero texture intro
10 piero texture laying-out-body-uvs
11 piero texture painting-base-colors
12 piero texture painting-feet-and-beak-bump-map
13 piero texture shader-setup-body
14 piero texture painting-feather-maps
15 piero texture laying-out-feather-uvs
16 piero texture body-feathers-part1
17 piero texture body-feathers-part2
18 piero texture body-feathers-part3
19 piero texture finessing-the-shaders
20 piero texture eye-maps

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