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Complete MATLAB Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Pro

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course and Instructor Introduction :
Instructor Introduction
Course Outlines
MATLAB Software (Pricing and Online resources)
MATLAB Graphical User Interface
Some Common Operations

Handling Variables and Creating Scripts :
Let's lay foundations for understanding Variables
Different types of variables (Strings, characters and logical)
Creating scripts and understanding commenting and semicolon effect

Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB :
Basic Maths (addition, multiplication, subtraction and powers)
Understanding operation precedence
Computing GCD, LCM, Permutations and Prime numbers
Trignometric functions
Set operations (Union, intersection, complement and others)
Computing statistics of the matrices
Handling random numbers
Cross product and dot product
NEW: Basic logical Opertaions
NEW: Sign and absolute functions

Operations on Matrices :
Determining unique elements
Determining membership of elements to a matrix
Shifting Matrix Elements
Determinant, inverse and diagnal elements
Data selection with the colon operator
Relational operations
Commonly used Matrices
Sorting matrix values
Size and length functions
Concatenating Matrices
NEW: Finding non-zero elements
NEW: Frequency of values within a vector
Lets have some practice

Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type :
Symbolic variables
Differentiation and Integration using symbolic variables
Solving Equations
Symbolic Functions

Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics :
Input output commands
More input output commands
Plotting data
Plotting 3-D data
More on plotting options
NEW: Combining plots with hold on
NEW: Checking for existence of scripts, files, folders, variables or functions
NEW: Manipulating Directory (Part 1)
NEW: Manipulating Directory (Part 2)
NEW: Processing text files

Importing Data into MATLAB :
Importing data from excel into MATLAB
Importing data in different formats (N)
Lets have some practice

MATLAB Programming :
Conditional if Statements (Part 1)
Conditional if statment (Part 2)
For loops for interating through your code
Nested For Loops
While loops (when you don't know the number of iterations)
Breaking out from a loop before final condition
Continue statement for skipping an iteration
Switch statements for choice selection
Lets have some practice

Making your own functions :
Creating Custom built Functions
Functions with inputs
Functions with multiple inputs and outputs
Returning from a function

Sharing your MATLAB Results :
Sharing results with automatically generated reports
Sharing your results with live scripts

Cell Data Type :
Creating and defining cells
Accessing Data in a Cell
Adding and deleting elements from a cell
Concatenating cells and passing cell contents to a function

Tables and Time Tables :
Creating Tables
Adding Descriptions, Units and Accessing individual columns
Selecting and reordering rows
Sorting rows or a table
More properties of a table
Reading and writing tables to memory
Storing summary of a table
Adding and deleting columns from a table
Adding and deleting rows from a table
Creating time tables
Properties, sorting and data selection in time tables
Concatenating time tables
Indexing and retrieving data based on row times

Working with Structures and Map Container Data Type :
Creating structures
Retrieving data from a field of a structure
Concatenating structures
Storing data from a structure field into a variable
More operations on a structure
Creating Map Containers
Concatenation and more operations on map container

Data Types Conversions :
Converting other data types to cell
Converting Cell to other Data Types
Converting from other to table data type
Converting from table to other data type

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