Udemy Complete Javascript development Bootcamp 2020 with projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
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Introduction to Javascript :
Introduction to Javascript
Instaling the Code editor(the place where we will write the code)
How to embed javascript into our website

Javascript DOM and basics :
accessing HTML elements through javascript
How to find errors in javascript
variables in javascript
operators in javascript
onclick listeners and conditions
conditional statements

Advanced DOM manipulation :
functions in javascript
Addition calculator
changing styles using javascript
Tally counter - website
arrays in javascript
arrays and objects
loops(for loops)
while loop

Project :
Student grade calculator that we will be making
Learn Bootstrap (Important) from this free resource
Student grade calculator

More about javascript :
Javascript HTML DOM meaning
changing HTML using Javascript
events in javascript
mouse events and adding event listeners
Javascript animations
javascript pop up boxes

Javascript Project - 2 :
creating an HTML element javascript
javascript TODO list

jQuery :
Introduction to jQuery
how to embed jQuery and detecting onclicks

jQuery events and DOM manipulation :
jQuery selectors
jQuery events
jQuery css manipulations
manipulating html content

Adding HTML using jQuery :
Editing and adding HTML elements using jQuery

more about jQuery :
adding,removing and toggle the classes
jQuery hide and show method
jQuery fade and slide method
jQuery animate

Introduction to AJAX
ajax syntax API introduction
Ajax implementation

jQuery project :
Weather website using AJAX

Javascript Libraries :
Typed js library
Animate on scroll library jQuery

Javascript ES6 :
Introduction javascript ES6
Javascript ES6 new syntax
arrow functions
Destructuring and terinary operators
import and export statements
spread operator
classes in Javascript
Understanding Javascript Promises

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