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Complete Java SE 8 Developer Bootcamp – OCA Prep Included

Welcome! :
Course Overview
Installing the Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK)
Installing Eclipse

Getting Started with Java :
Section Overview
The Features of the Java Programming Language
The Java Platform
The Java Platform
3 questions
Editions and Versions
The Java Development Kit (JDK)
Your First Java Program - Part 1 (Code)
Java Class and the "main" Method
6 questions
Your First Java Program - Part 2 (Compilation and Execution)
Hello World Lab & Lab Files
Java API Documentation (Javadocs)

Introduction to Objects :
Section Overview
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Objects vs. Primitives
Objects vs. Primitives Addendum
Stack & Heap
Using Objects
Q & A: "Member"
Initializing Data
Creating Object Types - Part 1
Working with the Car Type
4 questions
Creating Object Types - Part 2
Creating Object Types - Part 3
A note on "void"
Building Constructors
Constructors and Default Values
4 questions
Default Constructor
Q & A: Default vs. "No-Arg" Constructor
Initialization Blocks
Introduction to Objects Lab

Static, Scope, and Garbage Collection :
Section Overview
Static Variables
Static Methods
Static Reference Variables and null
Using Static Variables and Methods
2 questions
Static Initialization Block
What's the Value?
1 question
Quiz Explanation & Note About the Next Lecture
"this" - Part 1
"this" - Part 2
"this" - Part 3
Scope - Part 1
Scope - Part 2
Garbage Collection
Java Memory Leaks
Static Lab

Packages :
Section Overview
Packages and Imports
3 questions
More on Classpath
Packages Lab

Java Conventions and Primitives :
Section Overview
Coding Standards
Identifiers and Comments
2 questions
Primitive Data Types
Primitive Literals
Primitive Conversion
3 questions
Big Numbers
Primitives Lab

Java Syntax :
Section Overview
Condtionals - If / Else If / Else
More on If/Else If/Else Statements
Conditionals - Switch
More on Switch
Operators: Part 1
Operators: Part 2
More Operator Examples
Break, Continue, and Labels
Enumerations (enum)
Java Syntax Lab

Strings :
Section Overview
String Objects
String Operations and Operators
Immutable Strings
Concatenation Operator
Working with Strings
4 questions
Pass By Value: Primitives
Passing By Value: Objects
Passing By Value Lab

Encapsulation :
Section Overview
Encapsulation and Data Hiding
Getters and Setters: Part 1
Getters and Setters: Part 2
Access Modifiers
3 questions
Encapsulation Lab

Inheritance :
Section Overview
Inheritance: Part 1
Inheritance: Part 2
Chaining Constructors
More On "Protected"
Super and the First Statement Rule
Overloading Methods
Overriding Methods
Covariant Returns
The Three Faces of Final
Revisiting the Switch Statement
Know This For The Exam: Class/Object Invocation Order
Inheritance Lab

Polymorphism :
Section Overview
Polymorphism Demo
Polymorphism: Part 1
Polymorphism: Part 2
Being Available vs. Being Inside
Benefits of Polymorphism
Object Type Casting
The Object Class
Polymorphism Lab

Abstract Classes and Interfaces :
Section Overview
Abstract Classes: Part 1
Abstract Classes: Part 2
Abstract Methods: Modifiers & Inheritance
Interfaces: Part 1
Interfaces: Part 2
Interfaces: Part 3
Remember: All Interface Methods are "public."
Abstract Classes and Interfaces Lab

Lambda Expressions and Static Imports :
Section Overview
Marker and Functional Interfaces
Lambda Expressions
Static Imports
Lambda Expressions Lab

Dates and Time :
Section Overview
LocalTime, LocalDateTime, and Period
Dates and Time Lab

Arrays :
Section Overview
Polymorphism Revisited
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
More on multi-dimensional arrays
Sorting and Searching Arrays
Common Array Mistakes
Arrays Lab

Collections :
Section Overview
When Arrays Are Not Enough
The Collection Interface
3 questions
2 questions
Collections Lab

More with Collections :
Section Overview
Limitations of Collections
Revisiting Overloading Methods: Order of Precedence
Generics and Autoboxing
Diamond Operator
Building a list from Arrays.asList and Anonymous Arrays
Sorting and Searching Collections
Type Parameters and Comparable/Comparator
More With Collections Lab

Exception Handling :
Section Overview
Catching Exceptions
Finally Block
The Exception Object
Unchecked (Runtime) vs. Checked Exceptions
Creating Exceptions
Exception Handling Lab

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