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Complete Java for Automation Testers from Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

First Programming Steps in Java :
Course FAQ's - ***Must Watch***
Introduction to java with installation
working with Java editor tools
writing first executable program in java

Understanding Classes ,objects and their Usage in Java :
Usage of Methods in java
Importance of classes and objects in java

Handling Strings and its functions in Java :
Two ways of defining string object - Imp in Interview point of view
String class and their methods
String code download
Practise Exercise : reverse String logic-Palindrome

Java loops ,Conditions -( Building block for java programs) :
if else condition usage in java
How for loops works-with example demonstration
When should I use While loop?
How do while loop works?
loops,Conditions code download

Practice exercises on Java loops and conditions for Interview purpose :
Explanation on Nested for loops
Practise Exercise on loops -1 { printing pyramid triangle)
Practise Exercise - 2- Yahoo Ques : ( Inverted sequence pyramid logic program)
Nested loops code download

How Interfaces work and its usage in Java? :
What is interface?
How java classes can take advantage of interfaces
Interface code download

Importance of Inheritance with Practical examples :
Usage of inheritance in java
Practical examples on types of inheritances
Inheritance code download

Polymorphism in java with overriding and overloading examples :
Explaining function overloading in java with example
How different function overriding from overloading?-Explain
Demonstration code download

Learn everything about ARRAYS -Single and MultiDimensional :
What are Arrays and their usage in Java programmes
Ways of initializing arrays and assigning objects
Arrays code download
Logic Program on Multi Dimensional arrays

Famous Interview solved Programmes on Arrays **Must Watch** :
Practise exercise - Print smallest number in 3*3 matrix
Practise Exercise - Cisco Interview question on Arrays
programming code download
Practise Exercise:Swapping variables with/without temp variable
Practise Exercise : Sorting an array logic approach
Sorting and swapping code download

Understanding Date classes in Java :
Date class concepts
Calendar and date program examples
Date code download

Constructors and their usage in Java :
What is Constructor? How to initialize it
DIfferent type of constructors and their usage
Constructor demo code

Importance of Super and this keyword in Java :
What is super keyword ?
super keyword practical usage
Importance of this keyword
code download

Exceptions in Java with solved examples :
Different kind of exceptions
Try catch Mechanism to handle exceptions
Importance of finally block in java
Exception code download

Java collections - Understand ArrayLists and Set with their usage :
What are Java collections?
Implementation of Array Lists
Examples of ArrayList
Array List Code download
Implementation of Set interface
Examples of HashSet using Iterator

When HashMap and HashTable are used in Java programms? :
Implementation of Map interface
Code explaining hashset and hashmap
Difference between HashMap and HashTable (Interview )
Practise Exercise : Priniting unique number- Amazon interview ques
programming code download

Importance of Final Keyword in Java :
Final keyword usage in Java
Packages and their usage in OOPS
Packages types and how they are helpful in reusing the code

Encapsulation with practical examples :
Importance of Access Modifiers
Difference between public and private modifiers-With Example demonstration

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