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Complete iOS 11 developer Bootcamp

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to course
Get the required Tools
First look at Xcode
Detailed Xcode Tour
Learn to debug first
Lights Out App design
Lights Out App code - Your first App
Exercise files link with graphic assets.

Swift - A complete course on swift :
Introduction to playground
Variables and constants in swift
Type Annotation
String interpolation and multiline string
TODOs and Comments
Arithmetic operations in swift
If else and comparision in swift
One Button App - UI
One Button App - Code

Swift - Loops, range, nil coalescing and more :
Nil-coalescing operator
Logical Operations in swift
Loops and range in swift
Strings - detail about methods
Array and looping through them
Dictionary in detail
Switch and case

Human Interface guidelines - Design is important :
HIG - Human Interface guidelines
Get the design tools and free assets for the course
A coffee App - App icon and flash screen
A coffee App - Designing UI
A coffee App - Writing Code
Dismiss the keyboard
Basics of Functions
Multi Args returning functions
Naming of parameters in functions
Variadic functions in swift

Let's finish swift basics :
Closures in swift
Basics of classes
Classes and structures
Optional channing and forced unwrapping
Extensions in swift
Generics and scopes

Foundation of iOS development :
File structure in iOS Apps
App life cycle and view Hierarchy
Performing Segues and adding View Controllers
Picker View basics in iOS 11
PickerView basics - Code
Common bug in Picker View for beginners
USA register App - UI
USA Register App - Code
Dismiss Keyboard with tap on screen
Navigation bar and toolbar
Sliders in iOS 11

Autolayout, constraints and Stack Views :
Basics of Constraints in iOS
Positioning on multiple views
Introduction to stack views
StackViews - Colourful layouts
Four pillars of constraints and varying traits
Runners App UI Design
Runners App code
Circles over buttons - Xcode customizations in iOS 11

Table View in iOS :
Basics of table view in iOS11
Adding new View Controller
Passing information from one segue to another
swipe to delete action
Static cell - building a setting menu
Custom Cell in table View
dequeue reuseable cells in table view
More on customization of table view

CoreData in iOS 11 :
Coredata introduction and future reading resources
Your data model basics And smiley TODO LIST app
Design your UI
Adding tasks in coredata
Getting data from coredata
Deleting data from coredata and finishing App
Overview of our coursebook App
Setting data models and relationships in Core Data
GenClass and GenProps from Core Data
Setting up table view and custom cell UI
Setting up Additional View Controller
Creating custom cell view files
configure controller of NFRC
Fetching data to update cell
Getting test data and fetching from core data
Done with 1st view
Picking image from media gallery
Setting PickerView and test data
Saving Course book info in CoreData
Editing and deleting from core data
fixing update bug

Cocoapods and youtube App :
Introduction to cocoapods
Installation of cocoapods
Installation of youtube pod
Youtube app design
Load playlist and final version of app

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