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Complete iMovie Master Class – Go From Beginner To Advanced

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome To The Complete iMovie 2019 Master Class - Beginner To Advanced :
iMovie Welcome
Getting Started with iMovie From Scratch
Our Pixabay Royalty Free Videos For Our Beginner Section!
QUICK WIN ACTION EXERCISE #2 - Creating our in-points and out-points

iMovie For Beginners - Learn The Basics of iMovie right away :
3) How To Adjust Audio with iMovie
4) How To Add in Sound Effects with iMovie
5) How To Add in Titles with iMovie
ACTION EXERCISE - Audio and Titles
6) How To Use Background in iMovie
7) How To Use Transitions in iMovie
8) iMovie Icons and More
9) How To Color Grade in iMovie
10) How To Crop Footage in iMovie
11) How To Stabilize Your Footage using iMovie
12) How To Use The Noise Effects Options
13) Speed up and Slow Down Your Footage with iMovie
14) How To Use Filters in iMovie
ACTION EXERCISE - Some Advanced Options
ACTION EXERCISE - Backgrounds and More

iMovie Intermediate - Learn how to begin using more intermediate tools in iMovie :
1) Introduction to our Intermediate iMovie Section
Intermediate Video Clips and Pictures
2) Intermediate Settings in iMovie
3) How To Create A Picture in Picture in iMovie
4) How To Create A Backwards Film Effect using Reverse Film and Audio
5) How To Use Titles as Effects in iMovie
6) The Reverse Ken Burns Effect in iMovie
7) How To Fade in and Fade out Pictures and Videos in iMovie
8) How To Create A Split Screen in iMovie
9) Intermediate Freeze Frame Audio Slow Motion Effect in iMovie
10) How To Use Custom Text in iMovie
11) iMovie Intermediate Mini Project!

iMovie Advanced - Learn how to use the advanced features of iMovie :
1) Advanced Section Introduction and how to Use A Green Screen
Advanced Video Clips and Pictures
Precision Editor Part 1
Precision Editor Part 2
Precision Editor Part 3
J and L Cuts
Key Frame Animations
Wide Screen Effect
iMovie Advanced Mini Project!

Course Summary and Conclusion - Our Class Project! :
Course Summary and Conclusion - We Still Have One More Master Project Left!
Final Project