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Complete Guide to Maschine Mk3

Introduction :
Intro to Maschine

Module 2 - Pattern Creation Part 1 :
Pad Mode Pattern Creation I
Pad Mode Pattern Creation II
Software Pattern Editor

Module 2a - Pattern Editing in Events and Step Modes :
Pattern Editing from the Hardware

Module 3 - Soundslots :
Adding Drums and Creating a Break
Editing Soundslots in Sampler
Adding Bass and Finishing the Kit

Module 4 - Pattern Creation Part 2 :
Step Mode
Keyboard & Chords Mode
16-Velocity Mode

Module 5 - Scenes and Sections :
Scene Mode
Section Mode
Unique and Auto-Length

Module 5a - Changes to Arranger Mode :
Arranger Button Update

Module 6 - Sampling :
Recording Oneshot Samples
Recording Loops
Slicing Samples
Stretching Samples

Module 7 - Effects :
Guide to Maschine's Effects
Adding and Editing Effects with MK3

Module 8 - Drum Synth & Bass Synth :
Drum Synth
Bass Synth

Module 9 - Advanced Effects and Routing :
Modulating Parameters with MK3
Envelope and LFO Modulation
Step Mode Modulation
Send Effects

Module 10 - Macros & Performance Features :
Lock Snapshots
Smart Strip
Perform FX

Module 11 - Using Maschine in the DAW :
Using Maschine in a DAW