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Udemy Complete Excel Masterclass for Beginners

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Excel Basics :
All About Getting Started with Excel
All About Worksheets
All About Copy & Paste Functions
Getting Free Excel Templates
[Excel Trick] Set Up Quick Access Toolbar
[Excel Trick] Create Your Own Tab
Quiz for Excel Basics
3 questions

Formatting Cells :
Text Formatting Options In Excel
Wrap Text in Cell Option
Number Formatting Options
[Excel Trick] Convert Numbers to Percentages
Quiz on Formatting CellsQuiz
3 questions

Control Worksheet VIEW :
How to Freeze, Split or Hide Rows & Columns
View 2 Worksheets from the Same File
Arrange or View 2 Files Side by Side
[Excel Trick] Custom View in Excel
Hyperlink to Other Sheet
[Excel Trick] Create Table of Contents Fast
Quiz on Control Worksheet View
3 questions

Working with Cells and Ranges :
How to use Autofill in Excel
Flash Fill in Excel
Creating and Working with Named Ranges
Insert Cell Comments and Notes
[Excel Trick] Adding Excel Tooltip for Cells
[Excel Trick] Speak Cells Feature
[Excel Trick] How to Remove Numbers from Text Strings
Quiz on Cells and Ranges
3 questions

Working with DATA TOOLS :
Basics of Sorting in Excel
Data Sorting with Custom Lists
Filters in Excel 2016 (Basic & Advanced)
Advanced Sort and Filter Options
[Advanced] How to Filter Blank Cells
Delete Duplicates Data Tool
Extract Unique Data Values from a Column
[Excel Trick] Converting Text To Columns
[Excel Trick] Add Subtotals to Cells
[Excel Trick] Insert Blank Rows After Each Customer Automatically
How to Convert Text to Numbers
3 Quick Tips to Save Time ( Filter | Find & Replace | Paste)
Quiz on Data Tools
4 questions

Working with Tables :
All About Tables in Excel
6 Hidden Capabilities of Tables
Quiz on Tables
3 questions

[FORMULAS] Formulas for Logical Tests :
What is a Logical Test in Excel
IF Function
[Advanced] Nested IF Function
AND Function
OR Function
[Advanced] Using IF, AND, OR Functions Together
Using NOT Function

[FORMULAS] Formulas for Text and Dates :
[Text Function] 14 Different Text Functions in Excel
[Text Function] EXACT Function
[Date Function] Different Date Functions in Excel
[Date Function] Calculate Exact Age in Excel
[Date Function] Calculate Workdays

[FORMULAS] Count and Sum Functions :
5 Different COUNT Related Functions
How to ADD with Conditions using SUMIFS
New & Useful SUMPRODUCT Function

[FORMULAS] Functions to Lookup Values :
VLOOKUP with Exact match
VLOOKUP with Approximate match
VLOOKUP function Best Practices and Issues
HLOOKUP for Horizontal Lookup
LOOKUP Function (Backward Compatible function)
Understanding MATCH Function
Combining MATCH and VLOOKUP Functions
Understanding INDEX Function
Combining INDEX and MATCH Functions
[Microsoft 365] Super Useful Xlookup Function
[Microsoft 365] New Xmatch Function

[FORMULAS] *Special* CHOOSE Function for Lookup :
How to use CHOOSE function
How to create a dynamic CHART using CHOOSE function
CHOOSE function as Better Alternative to Nested IF function
[Microsoft 365] IFS Function instead of Nested IFs OR Choose Function

[FORMULAS] Functions to Audit Errors :
Trap errors with IFERROR Function
How to Show Formulas & Troubleshoot Errors

[FORMULAS] Ranking & Randomization :
All About Generating Random Numbers (RAND & RANDBETWEEN)
Generate Random Dates
How to Randomize a List
How to Reverse a List
How to Rank Values (High to Low)

Data Validation Tools :
How to Restrict Data Entered with Data Validation Tool
Create Drop Down List with Color
Set Up Custom Data Validation
Avoid Duplicate Entries using Data Validation
Create Dynamic List with Tables in Data Validation
[Advanced] Create Dependent Dropdown list
[Advanced] How to Circle Invalid Data
Quiz on Data Validation Tools
3 questions

[PIVOT TABLES] Basics to Advanced :
Basics of Pivot Tables
Pivot Table Design Tricks
How to Group by Dates (for Reports)
How to Group by Numbers (for Reports)
Create a Calculated Field in Pivot Table
Auto-generate Report Filter Pages
[Tips] 9 Useful Excel Pivot Table Tips
[Advanced] Generate Smarter Serial Numbers
[Advanced] Slicers to Filter Tables Conveniently
[Advanced] PivotTable Timeline to Filter Dates
How to create Interactive Pivot Charts in Excel
Quiz on Pivot Tables
3 questions

Conditional Formatting :
Basics of Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formatting : With Formulas
[Advanced] How to Highlight Rows or Columns
Conditional Formatting : Data Bars
Conditional Formatting : Icon Sets
[Advanced] Create Interactive Highlight
How to Highlight Alternate Rows
Quiz on Conditional Formatting
3 questions

[CHARTS] Data Charts & InCell Charts in Excel :
All about Excel Chart Basics
Working with Line Charts in Excel
Tips for Working with Column Charts
7 Tips for Pie Charts
[Incell Charts] Create Sparklines
[InCell Charts] Bar Charts with Formula
[InCell Charts] Surplus Deficit Charts
Quiz on Charts
3 questions

Data Consolidation Tools :
How to Consolidate from Multiple Sheets
Consolidate Data from Multiple Worksheets with Pivot Table

How to Protect Your Content :
Protect Sheet and Workbook from Viewing
Protect Some Cells in Excel
Add or Remove Passwords in Excel

How to Print Excel Files like a PRO :
Repeat Row Column Titles on Every Printed Page
How to Print with Gridlines
How To Set Print Area In Excel like a PRO
How to insert Header and Footer in Excel
How To Center Print Area In Excel
How To Insert Page Breaks In Excel
How To Fit An Excel Sheet On One Page

Excel Tricks & Shortcuts :
Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time
Additional Resources