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Complete Developers Guide: Ruby on Rails & React with Redux

Introduction to Ruby :
Ruby Intro
Ruby Overview
System Requirements

Variable and Data Types - Ruby :
Printing to the Console - Ruby
Numbers and Math - Ruby
Strings - Ruby
Booleans and Nil - Ruby
Variables and Expressions - Ruby

Methods - Ruby :
Introduction to Methods - Ruby
Methods in Disguise - Ruby
Defining Methods - Ruby
Chaining Methods - Ruby
Built-In Methods - Ruby
Optional Arguments - Ruby
Scopes Introduction - Ruby

Collections - Ruby :
Arrays Introduction - Ruby
Accessing Items in an Array - Ruby
Adding and Deleting - Ruby
Hashes Introduction - Ruby
Hashes (Continued) - Ruby
Collections Conclusion - Ruby

Conditionals and Boolean Logic - Ruby :
If Else Statements - Ruby
Else If Statements - Ruby
Case Statements - Ruby
One-Line If Statements - Ruby
Boolean Operators - Ruby
Logical AND Statements - Ruby
Logical OR Statements - Ruby
Rock Paper Scissors - Ruby
Truthiness - Ruby

Loops and Iterators - Ruby :
While Loops - Ruby
For Loops - Ruby
For Loops (Continued) - Ruby
Mapping Arrays - Ruby
Down to the Filter - Ruby
Reducing Costs (Inject Reduction) - Ruby
Iterating Over Hashes - Ruby
Iterators and Integers - Ruby
REPL Calculator - Ruby

Object Oriented Programming - Ruby :
Objects and Classes - Ruby
Defining a Class - Ruby
Inheritance - Ruby
Class Methods - Ruby
Self - Ruby
Scope Review and Class Variables - Ruby
Modules - Ruby
(Project) Playing Card Generator - Ruby
(Finale) Object Oriented Programming - Ruby

Blocks, Procs & Lambdas - Ruby :
Methods Taking a Block - Ruby
Custom Iterators - Ruby
Procs Introduction - Ruby
Wolf and Lambda - Ruby
Closures - Ruby
Closures (Continued) - Ruby

Ruby Development Environment :
Introduction to Ruby Development Environment
Making and Removing Directories - Ruby
Reading and Writing Text Files - Ruby
Project (Continued) - Ruby
Sublime Text Run from Command Line - Ruby
Sublime Text Configuring - Ruby
Sublime Workflow and Features - Ruby
Development Environment (Conclusion) - Ruby

Programming Ruby Across Multiple Files :
Requiring Files - Ruby
Scope and Require Relative - Ruby
Splitting Program Across Files - Ruby
Require Libraries and Gems - Ruby

(Project) Tic Tac Toe - Ruby :
Creating Game Board - Ruby
Check Rows for Winner - Ruby
Checking Column - Ruby
Checking Diagonally - Ruby
Defining Square Bracket Method - Ruby
Creating Player and Game Classes - Ruby
Defining a Player Turn - Ruby
Refactoring Print Grid - Ruby
Numbering and Lettering Grid - Ruby
Translating User Input - Ruby
Validating User Input - Ruby
Refactoring Row and Get Column - Ruby
Playing Until Somebody Wins - Ruby
Ending Game on a Tie - Ruby
Creating a Session Class - Ruby
Advancing Session Class - Ruby
Refactoring with Sessions Class - Ruby
Getting Player Names and More Refactoring - Ruby
Adding InputHelper Module - Ruby

(Project) To-Do List - Ruby on Rails :
Installing Rails on Ruby
Routing to Home Page - Ruby on Rails
Rendering HTML with ERB (Embedded RuBy)
Making Model Routes and Controller for Tasks
Making New Tasks - Ruby on Rails
Adding Edit and Update Actions
Partials in Ruby on Rails
Deleting Task - Ruby on Rails
Adding Show Page - Ruby on Rails
Validating Task Title - Ruby on Rails
Making Migration - Ruby on Rails
Task Views - Adding Ability to Complete Task
Restarting or Seeding Database with Rake Tool
Generating User Scaffold
Associating User to Tasks
Sessions Controller Routes & Views
Actions, Current User and Adding Header
Errors And Flash Messages
If Getting Error Message
Show Current User's Tasks
Authorization - Ruby on Rails
Cleaning Bonus User Material

(Project) Photo Sharing App - Ruby on Rails :
Set up App, Users & Sessions
Generating Scaffold - Ruby on Rails
Using CarrierWave Gem to Upload Images
Make Different Versions of Photo
Adding Authorization Checks
Adding CSS Styling with Bulma

Introduction to React and Redux Section :
Common Pitfalls
Quick Win Example
Top 10 Things You Will Learn
Webpack Version Explanation (To Be Watched Before Starting)

Introduction to React and JSX :
Introducing JSX - React
React and JSX Intro Part 2
React and JSX Intro Part 3
React and JSX Intro Part 4
($55 value) Source Code

React Components :
React Virtual Dom and Classes
ES6 Webpack Dev Server
React Components
Splitting Another Component
React Component Validators
($55 value) Source Code

React States :
Extracting Button into Separate Component
Reusing a Component
Splitting Component into Sub-Components
Creating a Timer
Webpack Hot Reloading
($55 value) Source Code

React Event Handling :
Simple Event Handling
Getting Values
Using Events to Influence App Display
Splitting Function into Components
($55 value) Source Code

React Routers :
Introduction to React Router
Direct URL
Making a Name Profile
Nested Routes
User Profile
React Router Redirects
Making Params Optional
Making Profile and Calling on History
Back Button
Active Inline Styles
Navlinks Components
($55 value) Source Code

React Slight Refactoring :
Improving Layout
Additional Refactoring

React Product Components :
Making a Web Store Example
Building out the Project
Routing to Products
Rendering Product Profile
Adding Images to the Web App
Reusing Component
($55 value) Source Code

React CSS :
Basic CSS Framework
Organizing Information with CSS Grids
CSS Modules
CSS Styling
Adding a Menu in the Navigation Bar
Making a Background
Adding Margins to Products
Styling the Name List
React CSS Styling Part 6
React CSS Extract to Separate file
React CSS Extract to Separate file (Continued)
($55 value) Source Code

Introduction to Redux :
Intro to Redux Part 1
Intro to Redux Part 2
Intro to Redux Part 3
Intro to Redux Part 4
Redux Store
Redux Store Continued
Redux Store Subscribe
Redux Store Subscribe Continued
Redux Combine Reducers

Adding Redux to React :
Adding Redux to React 1
Adding Redux to React 2
Adding Redux to React 3
Adding Redux to React 4
Delete Names
Babel and Spread Operators
($55 value) Source Code

Redux Action Creator and Product Refactor :
Action Creators
Profile Page
Dispatch and onEnter
Refactor into Separate Files
Refactor into Separate Files Continued
Product Page
Product Profile Page
($55 value) Source Code

Redux State in createStore :
Initial State in createStore
Initial State in createStore Continued
Adding Generated Names with Faker
($55 value) Source Code

Redux Middleware and Async Dispatching :
Fake Backend and Middleware
Thunk Middleware
Thunk Checking State
Get Profile Part 1
Get Profile Part 2
Get Profile Part 3
Get Profile Part 4
Get Names Refactor
Add Random Name
Add Random Name Continued
($55 value) Source Code

Redux Refactoring, Logging, and Error Handling :
Refactor Name Reducers
Using Actions
Error Handling Part 1
Error Handling Part 2
Error Handling Part 3
($55 value) Source Code

Products Lists and Profiles :
Product List
Product List Continued
Product Profile
Product Profile Continued
Error Handling Refactor
Error Handling Refactor Continued
($55 value) Source Code

Loading Spinner and Error Component :
Loading Spinner
Loading Spinner Continued
Error Component
($55 value) Source Code

Adding User-Written Reviews :
Adding Reviews 1
Adding Reviews 2
Adding Reviews 3
Adding User Reviews
Refining Review Containers Part 1
Refining Review Containers Part 2
Refining Review Containers Part 3
($55 value) Source Code

Prototypes and Refactoring Error Handling :
Adding Prototypes
Adding Prototypes Continued
Action Types
Refactoring Error Handling
Refactoring Error Handling Continued
($55 value) Source Code

Updating to Webpack 2 And Building Production Abundle :
Migrating to Webpack2
Hot Reloading
Hot Reloading Continued
HTML Webpack Plugin
Simple Production Build
Dev Config File Update
($55 value) Source Code

Styling the App :
Final Styling Part 1
Final Styling Part 2
Final Styling Part 3
Final Styling Part 4
Final Styling Part 5
Styling NavBar
Styling Product List Part 1
Styling Product List Part 2
Styling Product List Part 3
Styling Product Profile
Styling Product Profile Continued
Styling Review
Styling Review Continued
Styling Continued
Styling Namelist Part 1
Styling Namelist Part 2
Styling Namelist Part 3
Styling Layout Footer
Styling Layout Footer Continued
General Layout Styling
General Layout Styling Continued
Font Work and More Styling
($55 value) Source Code

Epilogue :
Final Thoughts
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