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Complete C# Masterclass

Your First C# Programm And Overview Of Visual Studio :
What Do You Want To Achieve?
What To Do If You Get Stuck
Installing Visual Studio Community
Hello World - First Program
Hello World on a Mac
Changing The Consoles Colors
Join Our Discord Channel
Intro Quiz
3 questions

DataTypes And Variables :
DataTypes Intro
Intro To Datatypes And What To Consider
Datatypes Int, Float and Double
Datatype String And Some Of Its Methods
Datatypes And Variables
4 questions
Naming Conventions and Coding Standards
Implicit and Explicit Conversion
Parsing a String To An Integer
Challenge - Datatypes And Variables
Solution For The Challenge "Datatypes And Variables"
Datatypes and Variables Part 2
2 questions
C# Cheat sheets
DataTypes Summary

Functions / Methods And How To Save Time :
Methods Intro
Intro To Functions / Methods
Void Methods
Methods With Return Value And Parameters
3 questions
Challenge - Methods
Solution For The Challenge "Methods"
User Input
Try Catch and Finally
3 questions
Methods Summary

Making Decisions :
Making Decisions Intro
Introduction To Decision Making In C#
IF And Else If + Try Parse
Nested If Statements
Challenge - If Statements
Solution For The Challenge "If Statements"
Switch Statement
Challenge - If Statements 2
Solution For The Challenge "If Statements 2"
Enhanced If Statements - Ternary Operator
5 questions
Making Decisions Summary

Loops :
Loops Intro
Basics of Loops
For Loops
Do While Loops
While Loops
break and continue
Challenge - Loops 1 - Average
Solution For The Challenge "Loops"
3 questions
Loops Summary

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) :
Objects Intro
Introduction To Classes And Objects
Our First Own Class
Using Constructors
Using Multiple Constructors
Access Modifiers public, private, protected
Constructors and Member-Variables
3 questions
Challenge - Properties
Members And Finalizers/Destructors
Objects Summary

Arrays :
Arrays Intro
Basics of Arrays
Declaring and Initializing Arrays and the Length Property
Foreach Loops
Multi Dimensional Arrays
Arrays Quiz
5 questions
Challenge - Tic Tac Toe
Jagged Arrays
Challenge - Jagged Arrays
Using Arrays As Parameters
Arrays Summary

Inheritance And More About OOP :
Welcome to Inheritance
Introduction To Inheritance
Inheritance Demo
Inheritance Challenge - Videopost and Timer with Callback
Inheritance Challenge 2 - Employees, Bosses and Trainees
Inheritance Challenge 2 - Employees, Bosses and Trainees Solution

Polymorphism And Even More On OOP + Text Files :
Polymorphism Intro
Polymorphic Parameters
Sealed Key Word
Has A - Relationships
Read from a Textfile
Write into a Text File
Polymorphism Summary

Advanced C# Topics :
Lambda Expressions
Arraylists vs Lists vs Arrays
Math Class
Random Class
Regular Expressions

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation :
WPF Intro
Introduction To WPF - And When To Use It
XAML Basics and Code Behind
StackPanel - Listbox - Visual and Logical Tree
Routed Events - Direct, Bubbling and Tunneling
Dependency Properties
Data Binding
INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
ListBox and a List of Current Matches
RadioButtons and Images
Property, Data and Event Triggers
WPF Summary

Using Databases With C# :
Databases Intro
Setup MS SQL Server and VS For DB work
Intro And Setting Up Our DataSet And Table
Relationship or Associative Tables
Showing Data in a ListBox
Showing Associated Data
Displaying all Animals In The ListBox
Deleting From A Table With A Click
Added Note - Adding the base tables and entries back
Delete Animals, Remove Animals and Add Animals Functionality
Updating Entries in Our Tables

Linq :
Linq Demo
Linq with Lists - and our University Manager Part 1
Sorting and Filtering with Linq
Creating collections based on other collections
Linq with XML
Setting up the project for LinqToSQL
Inserting Objects into our Database
Using assiociative tables with Linq
Joining tables next level
Deleting and Updating

Threads :
Threads Basics
Thread Start and End &Completion
ThreadPools and Threads in The Background
Join And IsAlive
Tasks and WPF
Threads Readings

UNITY - Basics :
Installing Unity
Overview of the Unity Interface
Creating your own Layout
Player Movement
Making Sure We Make Changes Correctly
Physis Basics
RigidBody - A Physical Body
Colliders And Their Different Types
Prefabs And GameObjects
Components And More On Prefabs
Keeping The Hierarchy Tidy
Class Structure
Mathf And Random Class

UNITY - Building the Game Pong with Unity :
Pong Introduction
Basics - UI Elements
Basics - Accessing Text Through Code
Basics - Buttons
Basics - Switching Scenes
Basics - Play Sound
Project Outline - Pong
Creating The Main Menu
Switching Scenes and Using Buttons
Building Our Game Scene
2D vs 3D Colliders and Rigidbody For Our Ball
Moving Our Ball Left And Right
Racket Movement
Bouncing Off Correctly
Scoring System
Restarting A Round
The Game Over Screen
Adding Sound To The Game
Adding a Basic AI

UNITY - Building a Zig Zag Clone With Unity :
Zig Zag Intro
Basics- Instatiating (Creating Via Code) An Object
Basics - Invoke And InvokeRepeating For Delayed Calls And Repeated Calls
Basics - Playerpreferences - Saving Data
Basics - Raycast
Setup For Zig Zag
Setting The Perspective
Moving The Character
Make Camera Follow Player
Animate The Character
Start The Game
Restart The Game
Collecting Crystals And Increasing The Score
Adding A Highscore
Adding The Particle Effect
Background Music Loop
Procedural Creation Of Our Map

UNITY - Building a Fruit Ninja Clone With Unity :
Create Fruits And Explode Them
Fruit Spawner
Creating Our Blade
GUI and Bombs
Game Over and Restart
Adding The Highscore
Extend The Game
Prepare Code For Android
Test On An Android Device
Make Some Adjustments
Adding Unity Ads to Your Game
Setting Up Your Device as Developer Device
Adding Sound