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Complete Bootstrap 4 course – build 3 projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Get started with Bootstrap 4 :
Introduction to the course
Tools that you will need (all free and cross platform tools)
Bootstrap manual install
Bootstrap CDN installation - recommended

A project and text - images basics on Bootstrap 4 :
Section 2 introduction
Basics of text tags in bootstrap 4
More on texts
Handling Images in bootstrap 4
Project - Watch langing page
Project - wathcing landing page - adding thumbnail

Containers, media break point and grid in Bootstrap :
Section 3 Introduction
Container and fluid containers
Media break points in Bootstrap 4
12 column grid basics
Variable width content grid
Changing layouts on different screens
Flexbox align items
Flexbox justify contents
Flex properties and nesting grids
Project 2 - Code is awesome
Project 2 - Code is Awesome final

Colour, navbar, jumbotron and a project :
Section 4 introduction
Colours in Bootstrap 4
Buttons in Bootstrap 4
Jumbotron in Bootstrap 4
Navbar and nav colours
A complete custom navbar part 1
A complete custom navbar part 2
Carousel in Bootstrap 4

Cards, modal, forms and A project :
Section 5 Introduction
Cards basic in Bootstrap
A finished card based landscape
Project - modal login
Project - triggering modal
Project - login modal finished

Farewell :
Farewell and bonus

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