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Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development – Newbie to Ninja!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome and overview
Get the software
Visual Studio 2019 Update
Installing SQL

C# Primer :
Obligatory Hello World Project
Structure of a C# Project
Variable Types
User Defined Types
Values Versus Reference Types
Arrays And Collections
Program Flow Introduction
Program Flow - IfThenElse
Program Flow - Getting Loopy
Program Flow - Switch

Object Orientated Programming (OOP) :
Object Orientated Programming Overview
OOP & Classes - Basic Walkthrough
More on Classes
Classes & Libraries
Encapsulation, Inheritance & Polymorphism (Not as scary as it sounds!)
Access Modifiers
FREE BONUS BOOK! - ASP.NET, C# and Object Orientated Programming Primer
30 pages
OOP Project Files
4 questions

SOLID Principles :
Single Responsibility Principle
Open / Closed Principle
Liskov Substitution Principle
Interface Segregation Principle
Dependency Inversion Principle
8 pages
How SOLID are you?
4 questions

MVC Primer :
Hello World
Anatomy and an MVC Website
Controllers Part 1
Controllers Part 2
Posting Data
Scaffolding - Model Lists
Scaffolding - Posting Models
Scaffolding - Viewing and Editing
Scaffolding - Deleting
Model Validation
Partial Views
MVC Quiz
3 questions

ASP.NET Security :
ASP.NET Security - Getting Started
Code Walkthrough
Extending ASP.NET Security

Source Control :
Introduction To Source Control
Getting a Git Account
Creating and Managing Repositories
Committing Code and Using Repositories
Branching and Merging

Real World Development :
Using the Code Samples
GitHub Integration
Solution Setup
Managing NuGet Packages
Product Models & Storage
Product Management UI
Grouping Products - Part 1
Grouping Products - Part 2
Don't Repeat Yourself
Dependency Inversion / Injection
Microsoft Unity
Entity Framework
SQL Repositories
Adding Product Images
Product Listings
Product Filtering

Building The Shopping Cart :
Building the Basket Model
Creating the Basket Service
Creating The Basket Service - Part 2
The Basket UI

Unit Testing :
Creating Mocks Part 1
Creating Mocks Part 2
Basket Tests Part 1
Basket Tests Part 2

Customers, Orders and Securing Pages :
Registering Customers
Creating Orders
Testing The Order Process
Finishing the Checkout Process
Linking Customers to Orders
Order Management Part 1
Order Management Part 2
Securing the Admin Pages

Q & A Answers :
When to use the var Keyword (and when NOT too)
Common Entity Framework & SQL Issues