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Communicate: The Crash Course on Public Speaking

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Basics :
Intro To The Course
Expectation Alignment
2 questions
Introductory Assignment: 2 Simple Things

Day 1 - The Speaker's Mindset :
Intro To Day 1
You Are Not Been Judged
How To Master Your Presentation Skills
Learning From Others
Stop Avoiding Opportunities for Growth
Wrap To Lesson 1
Building Your Presentation Confidence
Lesson 1 Output
Quiz to Lesson 1
2 questions

Day 2 - Crafting Your Message :
Intro to Day 2
It's Not About You!
Starting By The End
Creating The Bridge
Wrap Up Lesson #2
Lesson 2 Output
Quiz to Lesson 2
2 questions

Day 3 - Rocking The Stage :
Intro to Day 3
Making The Most of Your Voice
Using Your Hands To Your Advantage
Controlling Your Feet
Get To Know Your Audience
A Quick Trick To Remembering Names Fast
Small Things That Matter Big
Wrap Up To Lesson #3
Lesson 3 Output
Quiz to Lesson #3
2 questions

The 2 Extra Tips That Will Get You Further
Extra Resources To Master Your Presentation Skills

Putting It All Together :
Course Wrap Up
From Now On!

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