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Command Big Bucks: Personal Branding & Status Growth Hacks

Start Here :
Welcome to Command Big Bucks!

The Perfect Process :
Control The Process
The Essential First Contact
BONUS: Mailbag Question: Essential First Contact
Take Them To A Destination
Test Your Understanding: "The Perfect Process"
6 questions

Laying Breadcrumbs :
Real World Examples
Start A Blog
Podcasts and Hangouts
NEW! Hangout/Interview/Blog Post Example
NEW! Twitter Periscope Example
Write A Book
Get Interviewed
Get Published
Speaking Engagements
Associate With Experts
Create A Press Release Strategy
NEW! Jane Tabachnick's Press Release Guide
6 pages
Test Your Understanding: "Laying Breadcrumbs"
6 questions

Following Up and Closing Deals Quickly! (this is where the Big Bucks Are Made) :
The "Ignition Campaign"
NEW! Ignition Letter Template
1 page
Get Their Attention
Get Feedback
Filter Immediate Opportunities
Nurture Your Tribe Part 1
Nurture Your Tribe Part 2 (Over My Shoulder)
Test Your Understanding: "Follow Up and Closing Deals Quickly"
6 questions

Bonuses! :
Bonus: Pick My Brain Page!

Conclusion :
NEW! Bonus: How To Get More From Steve Rosenbaum