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Colors for Data Science A-Z: Data Visualization Color Theory

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to the course

Color Theory :
Color Theory Map
What is a color?
The Color Wheel
Tints, Shades and Saturation
Achromatic Colours
Colour Blindness
Colour Theory
4 questions

Colours & Emotions :
Why this section is important
Meanings of Colours
Warm and Cool Colours
Yellow Orange Red
Blue Green Purple
Colours and Emotions
3 questions

The Tools :
Hello! This is what you will learn in this section
Adobe Color
Color Brewer 2.0

Colour Schemes :
Colour Context
Colour Schemes
Monochromatic Colour Schemes - REAL Data Examples
Analogous Colours - REAL Data Examples
Complementary & Split-Complementary Colours - REAL Data Examples
Triadic & Tetriadic Colours - REAL Data Examples
Colour of the background
Colour Schemes
3 questions

Data Science Project Walkthrough :
Project Brief: Vitamin Trials
Download & install Tableau Public
Buildining the visualization
Testing out color palettes
Applying the split complementary color scheme
Coloring the subcategories
Applying the triad color scheme
Applying the analogous colour scheme
Section recap

Bonus Section :
Your Super-Special Invitation