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Coding for Kids – Learn to program with a Dad & Son

Scratching the Surface :
Programming - Why & How - Something totally unique
Registering in Scratch
Overview of Scratch

Writing a Game - Part 1 :
Your first program!
Motion - Tracking the mouse
Controls & Motion - Moving the ball
Pen operator - Getting a tail
Sound Code Blocks - Bringing the game alive
Additional Sprites - Controls and Sensing

Writing a Game - Part 2 :
Randomization - Adding real fun!
Tracking & Sounds - Adding the enemy

Writing a Game - Part 3 :
Variables - Keeping Score
Variables - Levels & Controls
Operators - Speeding up the enemy

Conclusion - The Future looks bright! :
Sharing your game - It's time for fame!
Summary and future
Bonus Section Learn how to make Flappy Bird

The Final Game :
Downloading Background
Animate Background
Adding Pipes
Animating Pipes 1
Animating Pipes 2
Animating Pipes 3
Adding Flappy Bird
Adding Flap To Flappy Bird
Sensing Objects
Improving Sensing
Adding Sound
Adding Score
Display Score
Adding Best Score