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Udemy Codecourse – Laravel Basics – Create a Post app

Video Introducing this tutorial

01 introduction hd
02 setting up authentication laravel post app hd
03 adding a username hd
04 creating the post form laravel post app hd
05 applying middleware laravel post app hd
06 validating the form laravel post app hd
07 creating the post model and migrations post app hd
08 storing posts post app hd
09 factory generating and outputting posts hd
10 working with dates and times post app hd
11 paginating results post app hd
12 eager loading post app hd
13 checking if a user owns a post post app hd
14 deleting posts post app hd
15 authorising a user to delete posts post app hd
16 upgrading to use laravel authorization hd
17 showing posts by a user hd