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Udemy Codecourse – Build a code snippet website

Video Introducing this tutorial

01 introduction and demo build snippets codecourse com hd
02 nuxt and laravel hd
03 tailwind with nuxt snippets codecourse com hd
04 base styles with tailwind hd
05 designing the navigation hd
06 the hamburger menu hd
07 jwt authentication hd
08 getting authenticated user information hd
09 environment variables hd
10 signing in snippets hd
11 signing out snippets hd
12 designing form components hd
13 really simple form validation hd
14 dont forget about meta hd
15 designing the snippet page hd
16 designing the snippet edit page hd
17 snippets and steps in the database hd
18 creating a snippet hd
19 snippet and steps transformer hd
20 creating a snippet on the client hd
21 editable snippet title hd
22 output and edit ordered steps hd
23 saving the snippet title hd
24 saving step title and body hd
25 updating the edit page title hd
26 navigating steps hd
27 arrow step navigation hd
28 applying everything to the snippet view page hd
29 current step index hd
30 tidying duplicated computed properties hd
31 adding new steps hd
32 ordering newly created steps hd
33 hooking up ordering on the client hd
34 deleting steps hd
35 touching the last saved time hd
36 toggling snippet public status hd
37 reviewing permissions hd
38 hiding the snippet edit button hd
39 keyboard step navigation hd
40 previewing markdown hd
41 syntax highlighting hd
42 implementing a code editor hd
43 code editor tweaks hd
44 browsing all snippets hd
45 endpoint for user snippets hd
46 listing snippets in the dashboard hd
47 deleting snippets hd
48 edit and delete links hd
49 adding some missing page titles hd
50 setting up laravel scout and algolia hd
51 indexing snippets for search hd
52 setting up algolia vue instantsearch hd
53 implementing search hd
54 search tweaks hd
55 faceting search results hd
56 reviewing client middleware hd
57 public user profile endpoints hd
58 public user profile hd
59 patching a user hd
60 account settings page hd
61 the home page hd
62 setting the example snippet uuid hd
63 the footer hd
64 creating accounts hd
65 creating an account on the client hd
66 fix dashboard snippets count hd
67 fix showing snippet visibility hd
68 fix clearing password on change hd
69 fix clearing validation hd
70 fix fixing various links hd