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Cobol learning made easy

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to Cobol
COBOL basics
2 questions

Theoretical Section :
Cobol Theory part1
cobol theory part 2
cobol theory part 3
cobol theory part 4
Summary of previous theory topics and remaining theory topics
COBOL Theory
2 questions

Programming Section :
Hello world program
program showing different data declarations in cobol
program about figurative constants
Program about MOVE in alphanumeric data declarations
Program about MOVE verb
Program about MOVE in numeric data declarations part 1
Program about MOVE in numeric data declarations part2
program showing Move verb for one to many
program using ADD verb
program using different types of SUBTRACT verb
program using different types of MULTIPLY and DIVIDE verbs
program to perform different types of arithmetic operations
if statement program
nested if condition program
simple perform program
evaluate program
program demonstrating COND level number 88
Demo of USAGE comp variables
Editing PIC classes program
perform n times program
perform until program
perform THRU program
perform varying and perform varying after program
tables program(single dimensional)
file write program
file read program
program to call a subprogram
inspect with tallying verb program
inspect with replacing verb program
program to concatenate small strings into a single string
program for splitting large string to small parts

Conclusion :