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Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5) Digital Painting

Video Introducing this tutorial

0-Course Overview of the 2019 Edition
1-Why Use Clip Studio Paint
2-Introduction to Tools
3-Computer Requirements
4-Selecting the Perfect Graphics Tablet
5-2019 Addendum Tablet Requirements Selection and Installation
6-Software Selection and Installation
7-Conclusion to Tools
8-Introduction to Setup
9-Software Screen Setup
10-Manually Recreating My Screen Layout
11-Tablet Setup with Clip Studio Paint Including Buttons and Finger Gestures
12-Software Performance Tuning
13-Conclusion to Setup
14-Introduction to Clip Studio Paint Fundamentals
15-Starting Clip Studio Paint
16-Screen Layout and Configuration
17-New Save Open Close Export and Quit
18-Simply Drawing Using a Digital Pen
19-Eraser Undo and Clear Layer
20-Zooming and Panning Your View
21-Clip Studio Paint Fundamentals Section Workshop
22-Conclusion to Clip Studio Paint Fundamentals
23-Introduction to Drawing Fundamentals
24-Drawing Lines
25-Drawing Curves
26-Drawing Circles and Ovals
27-Drawing 3D Cylinders
28-Connecting Your Basic Shapes
29-Drawing Contour Lines
30-Drawing 3D Cubes and Rectangles
31-Drawing Fundamentals Section Workshop
32-Conclusion to Drawing Fundamentals
33-Painting Techniques and Styles
34-Introduction to Sketching
35-Creating a Project Page and Panels
36-Creating and Organizing Layers
37-Pencils Pens and Paint Brushes
39-Lasso Selection Moving Rotating and Deleting
40-Deemphasizing the Sketch Layer
41-Sketching Section Workshop
42-Conclusion to Sketching Fundamentals
43-Using 3D Reference Models
44-Introduction to Inking
45-Raster vs Vector Inking Layers
46-Direct Draw Tools
47-Simplifying and Smoothing Vector Lines
48-Modifying Vector Lines
49-Varying Line Thickness
50-Erasing Vector Layer Draw Throughs
51-Inking Section Workshop
52-Conclusion to Inking
53-Introduction to Color Flatting
54-Creating Color Layers
55-Autoselecting Regions
56-Using the Bucket Fill Tool
57-Color Flatting Section Workshop
58-Conclusion to Color Flatting
59-Introduction to Painting Shading and Highlighting
60-Reference Layers
61-Spraying On Shading Highlighting and Shadows
62-Addendum One More Try
63-Painting Shading and Highlighting Section Workshop
64-New Clip Studio Paint 164 Autocoloring Option
65-Introduction to Backgrounds
66-Options for Creating Backgrounds
67-Flash Decoration and Saturation Tools
69-Backgrounds Section Workshop
70-Conclusion to Backgrounds
71-Introduction to Perspective Rulers
72-Perspective Ruler Workshop
73-Drawing with Perspective
74-Drawing with 1 Point Perspective
75-Drawing with 2 Point Perspective
76-Conclusion to Perspective Rulers
77-Introduction to Lettering
78-Adding and Manipulating Text
79-Adding Fonts From the Internet
82-Lettering Section Workshop
83-Conclusion to Lettering
84-Saving and Exporting
85-Introduction to Comics
86-Creating a Comic Page with Panels
87-Working with Multiple Pages in Clip Studio Paint Ex
88-Comic Production and Distribution
89-Comics Section Workshop
90-Conclusion to Comics
91-Symmetry and Special Rulers
92-Layer Lock Transparent Pixels
93-Body Proportions Part 1
94-Body Proportions Part 2
95-Melanie Jacksons First Tablet Drawing Experience sketch only
96-Course in Review
97-Whats Next