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Clear and Simple VMware vSphere Certified Associate 6 (VCA6)

Getting Started :
Introduction To Virtualization
vSphere Licensing Editions
Demo: Assign vSphere Licenses
Virtualization Benefits
Management Challenges
Optimization Challenges

vSphere Concepts :
Virtual Machine Concepts
Introduction to vCenter
Demo: Client Integration Plugin
Demo: Create a new VM
vMotion Types
Storage vMotion
Distributed Resource Scheduler
Distributed Power Management
Resource Pools

Storage :
Storage Virtualization
Storage DRS
Storage I/O Control
Virtual SAN
Virtual Volumes

Networking :
Virtual Networking
Virtual Switch Policies
Virtual Switch Features
Network I/O Control

Availability :
High Availability
vSphere Data Protection
vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manager
Fault Tolerance

Using the vSphere Web Client :
Demo: Navigating the vSphere Web Client
Demo: Roles
Demo: Tags
Demo: VMware Tools
Demo: Power States

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